The Best Places to Elope in Utah

Why, where, and how you can elope in Utah!


Best Places to Elope in Utah | Utah Elopement Locations

Utah is a beautiful state with breathtaking views. Utah attracts desert junkies for their wedding days, but you don’t have to be a desert junkie to find these Utah elopement locations out of this world stunning!  As elopement photographers, we wanted to share best places to elope in Utah so your elopement can be even more bangin’ than you could have imagined!

The red rocks of Utah will come alive around you during your Utah elopement and envelop you with their drama or choose from one of Utah’s lakes that glistens like sparkling diamonds. Don’t forget that Utah is more than red-the Rocky Mountains run through Utah so you can find lush mountains views too at one of these best places to elope in Utah!

Choose lush mountaintops, great lakes, salt flats, waterfalls, or hike amidst slot canyons on your day; Utah will not only be a special place in your heart because it is where you commit yourself to one another – but the memories of these epic locations will last a lifetime.


Here you’ll find our list of the best places to elope in Utah, how to make it legal, what season is best, and where to find the perfect lodging for you and any (potential) guests as well as our Utah elopement photography packages!  So let’s hop into it!


What activities can you expect during your Utah elopement?

There are countless thrill-seeking activities as well as some for the more laid-back type of couple at all of these best places to elope in Utah. Snowboarding in the winter, horseback riding, hiking, and bird watching – you’ll never be at a loss on what to do, and we always recommend couples filling their elopement day to the brim with epic adventures while keeping some room for spontaneity in these best places to elope in Utah.

Choose a mega hot air balloon ride for a view of Utah few have experienced! Utah offers extreme adventure activities such as paragliding, rock climbing, and base jumping.  Who wouldn’t want to say their vows strapped to the side of a mountain?

The best places to elope in Utah are also friendly for those beginner adventurers too.  Take a 4WD drive down desert roads to end up an easy walking distance to some of the most stunning rock formations in all of the United States, and we ain’t just saying that.  So many of the best places to elope in Utah are along scenic hikes less than 5 miles.  Not to mention, some private venues will have Utah views while giving you an awesome space to relax, have some good eats, and a place to jam out (and maybe bring the pup along for a first dance)!

Oregon Coast Elopement Photos
Oregon Coast Elopement Location
Oregon Coast Elopement Photos

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a beautiful red-rock wonderland with sandstone arches with some reaching 2,000 feet in the sky! With unforgettable views and hiking trails, expect an adventure elopement of your dreams.  This spot is still a bit of an undiscovered jewel so you’ll find fewer crowds (particularly at sunrise or sunset) and easier access to the views of the best places to elope in Utah.

Since Arches is a national park, the permit application process is a little simpler and the infrastructure is a little more equipped than BLM land for bringing guests along.

Elopement fees:

  • Administration and management fee – $130
  • Application fee – $55
  • $30 per car fee


Make sure to fill out the wedding permit forms here! They will be valid for 30 days after it gets issued making Arches one of the best places to elope in Utah if you’re looking for simplicity.

Where to elope in Utah
Utah elopement locations
Where to elope in Utah
Elope in Moab Utah

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Moab, Utah

Are you thinking of eloping in Moab? This is one of the most popular Utah elopement locations for a good friggin’ reason. It is the perfect setting for romance (a little makeout session) and some drama! With bright blue skies, endless red rock formations, and a horizon that reaches for as far as you can see, this Utah elopement destination is one to consider even if only for the endless list of things to do.

Moab, Utah, is easily one of the best places to elope in Utah!  Not only does it rarely rain there, but you can expect perfect red and orange sunsets and clear skies! You have the option of eloping in Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, or Dead Horse Point State Park as well as some of the best places to elope in Utah that aren’t a state or national park. With infinite rock formations and craters, your adventure elopement in Utah will be everything you dreamed of and more!  Not to mention that lack of rain means less humidity, and we’re big fans of keeping sweat at bay.

If you choose to elope in Moab, you’ll need to be certain you explore and apply for all necessary permits with Moab office.  As a lot of the best places to elope in Utah located in Moab consists mostly of Bureau of Land Management land, permitting processes can be intimidating.  We’re stoked to help you navigate eloping in Moab and keeping it legit by getting your Utah elopement permit!

eloping couple hikes up mountain
Best Places to Elope in Utah

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Dead Horse Point State Park

Located on the edge of Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point consists of beautiful flat-topped hills with steep sides. Famous for its scenic beauty and views of the Colorado River, Dead Horse Point is a killer place to elope, and we love that Dead Horse Point National Park is a bit of a local secret.  You can get away from tourist traps in this park and soak in an authentic Utah elopement experience.

Do you want your four-pawed (or three-pawed, we’re not here to judge) best friend at your elopement? Let’s not forget that Dead Horse Point is pet-friendly for your Utah elopement making Dead Horse Point one of the best places to elope in Utah for pup-lovers. Don’t leave your pal at home with this elopement destination, and bring them along for this epic Utah elopement journey! Now your whole furry family can join.  Did we mention we love desert pups?


Special permit fees include:

  • Application fee – $10
  • Permit fee – $50
  • $15 per vehicle
  • $50 per hour for ranger monitoring (not required)

Apply for your elopement permit here!

alternative groom during mountain elopement
Elope at Canyonlands
Elope in Canyonlands

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Canyonlands National Park

Canyon upon canyon with beautiful rivers dividing them – this red oasis is the perfect Utah elopement location! Snuggle up (if it’s not too sweaty lol) for the ultimate experience at one of the three locations to elope at Canyonlands. Elope at Island in the Sky and say your vows with a view to excite! Choose from the following areas:

  • Grand Viewpoint
  • Green River Overlook
  • Mesa Arch


Wedding permit fees are the same as Arches National Park in this park so the permit process is a little easier to go through than a lot of Utah elopement locations!

Where to Elope in Utah

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Bonneville Salt Flats

Have you visited the Bonneville Salt Flats? Another bangin’ and minimal location so the focus stays on you two during your Utah elopement! The white sands stretch miles into the horizon, and it is one of the best places to elope in Utah. After the rains, the flats will get covered in water with the mountains’ reflection on the surface. This living artwork is a wonder and sight to see, and there’s not shortage of things to do. The salt flats are one of the best places to elope in Utah if you’re looking to feel small and in awe while making your commitment to each other.

Pro tip: go barefoot during your elopement, and plan on choosing a season when the flats are flooded!  Check out more of this geological wonderland here.

To elope at the Bonneville Salt Flats, you will need to apply for a film permit.

Glacier National Park Elopement
Cape Kiwanda Elopement Photos

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island is the best Utah elopement location for couples looking for an adventure outdoors but close enough to the city for some nightlife. Expect to see mountains, hills, and the shoreline. Who knows, you might even spot a buffalo! Antelope Park has a vast array of fauna and flora while keeping a minimal vibe with gorgeous hues around sunrise or sunset!  You’re sure to get some snuggly and soft photos from this day.  Then it’s no problem to pop 45 minutes over to Salt Lake City to celebrate making this one of the best places to elope in Utah!

Bonus: here’s another Utah elopement location to bring your pup along as long as you leave them on a hella adorable leash!  Drones are also permitted here, so we’ll be able to get some dope aerial views of you both!


Activities could include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking grassy plains
  • Bird and antelope watching

All fees are the same as Dead Horse Point State Park. See here for your application form!

Cape Kiwanda Elopement Photos
Best Places to Elope in Utah

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is so diverse that it is hard to choose one specific place to elope. With sandstone arches, wooded areas, waterfalls, and rivers, you can’t go wrong having your adventure Utah elopement here!  It is one of the most popular elopement locations in Utah, so you’ll want to work with your photographer extra close to be sure you choose parts of the park or times of the day that will give you the privacy you need during your ceremony so you feel snuggly.

Exploring less trafficked trails is the best way to experience this park on your Utah elopement day while reserving some of the heavier trafficked trails for when you’re not exchanging vows.  This wonderland is an excellent location for adventure eloping, and there is so much to explore if you’re willing to go off the beaten path a wee bit.


The special event fee at Zion National Park is $100, and you must apply at least three weeks before your elopement. Apply here!  But keep in mind this is a heavily desired Utah elopement location so you’ll want to hire a photographer and apply for your permit as soon as possible.

Where to elope in Utah
Utah elopement location

Best Places to Elope in Utah:

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Settled 80 miles north of Salt Lake City, we find Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, which will make for an epic adventure elopement in Utah!  This is one of the best places to elope in Utah for forested mountain views.  Utah is so much more than desert!

With 2.1 million acres to view from mountaintops, this stunning place has terrain for any occasion – especially adventure eloping in Utah! There are lush and leafy fields, rocky mountains, and views overlooking the Nephi valley. The diversity of these landscapes will make for some incredible backdrops in your elopement photographs.

This is one of the best places to elope in Utah for wildflower sightings and rocky mountain views!

Where to elope in Utah

Our Utah Elopement Packages

All of our Utah elopement packages include 2 professional elopement photographers, unlimited planning assistance, and all the goodies you need to live out your Utah elopement with zero stress.  Ain’t no way we’re leaving you out to dry as you try to navigate eloping in one of the best places to elope in Utah.

Here is our base photography package:

includes all contiguous US elopement locations

8 hours of elopement photography with 2 professional photographers

unlimited planning assistance

personalized full vendor referral list (so you hire folks you can trust)

elopement timeline assistance and drafting

unlimited, online high resolution gallery

permit assistance if applicable

personalized elopement location scouting and referral list

personalized packing list

online, personalized print store for your gallery

print credit

all photographer permit and travel fees included

All of this (plus our undying love and support) comes to $5500!  This is our half day elopement package, but hey… let’s chat about your day!  Maybe you want a full day package, and we’d be stoked to do it!  Hit the contact button below to chat about your day at one of these best places to elope in Utah!

Make Your Utah Elopement Legal

One thing you must plan for before you elope in Utah is getting all the legalities out of the way if you’re planning to seal the deal legally in Utah. Make sure to bring your ID, and you must be 18 years or older.


  • Obtain your marriage license at the County Clerk’s Office. You will get the marriage license immediately, and it’ll be valid for 30 days. It can cost anywhere from $20-$60, and the price will vary by county.
  • Utah requires that you have two witnesses to sign your marriage license at your Utah elopement. If your family or friends aren’t present, you can always ask your vendors or me, your photographer, to sign! I will assist you through every step of the planning process.
  • You must have an officiant at your Utah elopement. We have a list of officiants we’re stoked to refer to clients, or you can bring along a pal to officiate the whole deal easily. Getting ordained is simple and can be done with just a few clicks and less than an hour’s time.
  • If you are eloping in a national park or state park, you will need an elopement permit. We give all of our couples permit assistance so you don’t have to stress about paperwork. We’ll hand over our checklist of how, when, and where to apply for your Utah elopement permit at one of these best places to elope in Utah.

Which of the Best Places to Elope in Utah should you choose?

How do you know which elopement destination in Utah is best for you? Choose one based on the following:

  • What types of location settings do you like the most? What do you and your boo enjoy doing the most? If you love to hike, ride horses, being in the forests and around lakes, then Zion National Park can be the place for you. If you prefer mountain biking, then opt for Antelope Island State Park. Make your Utah elopement encircle who you are as a couple and what you already love!
  • Will your friends and family be coming with you on this journey? If your friends and fam are joining you on this wonderful adventure, consider where they will be staying, if they can walk or climb if needed, and your Utah elopement location restrictions.
  • Do you plan to stay in the same area for your honeymoon? Honeymoons in Utah are romantic and can save you money by not traveling to more destinations. All of these best places to elope in Utah also make killer honeymoon destinations after your Utah elopement!

Best Places to Elope in Utah: Faq Edition

Finding the best places to elope in Utah is no small feat, but you’re well on your way to living out your wildest elopement dreams in one of these Utah elopement locations.  There are, however some frequently asked questions we’d love to answer for ya!

What season should I choose to elope in Utah?

Choose one of the best places to elope in Utah and pick the right season for the type of day you’re creating!

  • Summer – Utah summers (June-September) can be sweltering. Expect temperatures to be over 100+ degrees. Summer offers a range of activities such as kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding.
  • Fall – September through December is a beautiful time to elope, with the pop of color from the fall leaves will make for amazing photographs. Hiking and mountain biking are fun in the fall because it is not too cold and not too hot.
  • Winter – As the snow coats the mountain tops, your elopement will become a winter wonderland. December through March is cold but worth the magnificent view of the Utah mountains. Have fun snowboarding with your love for added adventure!
  • Spring – March to June is usually the busiest months, and it is possible to have some viewers at your elopement. What is excellent about Spring is the beautiful flower blooms and waterfalls you can discover.

Depending on what you plan to do during your day at one of these best places to elope, you’ll need to pick the season accordingly!


Can I bring friends and family to my Utah elopement?

Short answer: HECK YES!

Long answer:


Some of the best places to elope in Utah will allow your friends and family to come along for the ride; consider the following:

  • How many guests will be joining you? Each elopement location has different regulations on how many people can attend. Follow the links to the application forms and know your headcount.
  • Where are the closest accommodations, and how many people can stay there?
  • What restaurants are nearby in each area for a reception to celebrate with loved ones?
  • Can your guests reach the elopement destination?
  • Let your loved ones know what to expect so they can plan their attire as well.


What should I wear to my Utah elopement?

Believe it or not, it is possible to choose the WRONG dress when eloping in Utah! You want to dress for the season and comfort at all of these best places to elope in Utah.

Mobility! Moving in your elopement outfit is essential. You must be able to hike, climb, jump, and spin around with your love in a romantic dance in the woods without letting your dress hold you back. Lightweight materials such as chiffon, organza, and batiste are perfect fabrics for a wedding dress. Summers in Utah are scorching hot! The dress you choose must be breathable and lightweight.

During those cold fall evenings and winter snow, pick layers to keep you warm. Wear cardigans, a sweater, and leggings if it is cold. Layers can always come off!


Tip: Go for a dress that can be windswept or dance around in the desert dust!  Just because they look dull on a hanger doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be killer Utah elopement dresses. The pictures you get out of your elopement day from your dress’s movement are works of art.

Play around with the color of your elopement attire. A black dress looks fantastic against the red rocks of Utah. A white dress with red trimming from the dust staining your dress creates a unique shade that photographs beautifully. Be daring and switch things up however you like. You could wear a skirt and blouse to switch things up with two different colors for contrast.

The same tips will apply to elopement suits! Accessorize with a fedora or opt for a bowtie. Be yourself in your elopement outfits.


Tip: Choose fabrics that won’t wrinkle, such as lace or polyester, so your clothes aren’t wrinkled by the time you reach your destination.  If you find your Utah elopement dress does have some wrinkling, we’ve got all the tips to help those out.

One more bonus tip: PLAN ON GETTING DIRTY.  If you’re choosing one of these best places to elope in Utah and trying to avoid getting amongst it, then you’d be better off choosing another location.  Your Utah elopement day will be most satisfactory when you both give into the idea that you’ll be sweaty, covered in dust, and have a little grime under your fingernails.  That’s when you know you’ve had an epic Utah elopement day!


What about flowers for my Utah elopement?

There are oodles of crazy talented floral designers near all of these best places to elope in Utah.  As we know, flowers won’t do well in extreme cold and extreme heat. Try to avoid wilting flowers or drooping ones so they hold up throughout the day.

Flowers to avoid:

  • Tulips – They don’t live very long out of the ground and might not make it through the day.
  • Hydrangeas – Not the right choice for boutonnieres and bouquets because their flowers will only bloom for approximately three hours out of the water. Hydrangeas are too fragile for an adventure elopement.
  • Daffodils – Handling daffodils can lead to what’s known as the ‘daffodil itch.’ It’s skin irritations from handling the flowers. If you have experience with them, then go for it!

The best elopement flowers to use for your bouquet:

  • Wooden roses – Wooden roses are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a keepsake from your elopement day! Not only are they unique, but they will last forever.
  • Roses – You don’t have to carry typical red roses; you can find some with solid hues and bicolor varieties for something different.
  • Ranunculus – These stunning flowers are perfect for bouquets and boutonnieres. Some of the colors you can choose from are white, orange and pink.


Where should I stay nearby these best places to elope in Utah?

Near Moab:

  • Sorrel River Ranch – This luxurious ranch is the definition of luxury! Excellent resort and spa for a weekend of pampering.
  • Vacasa Utah – Rent this beautiful condo with a hot tub and have a luxurious stay with an epic view! Located a few minutes from Arches National Park, the Vacasa has easy access to your elopement destination and a few shops and restaurants.
  • Wayward Desert Casita – Also 15 minutes from Arches National Park and expect a short drive downtown, this stunning townhouse is entirely decorated with desert colors to set the mood of your elopement in Utah.
  • Desert Oasis – The Desert Oasis has the perfect view of the La Sal Mountains. Spend your evening in a private hot tub or go for sunset walks at the nearby trails. They are pet-friendly too!

Near the Bonneville Salt Flats:

  • Cozy Apartments – These beautiful comfy apartments will sleep up to 6 people, and you can celebrate your Utah elopement at the casino just a mile away if that’s your jam.

Near Zion National Park:

  • The Hideaway offers hiking trails, a comfy bed with AC and heat in the tent, and outstanding mountain and garden views.
  • Wander Camp is just 25 minutes from Zion National Park, and you get to experience an untouched wilderness and a sunrise you may never see twice!
  • Under Canvas is one of our favorite lodging recommendations, because the experience is unparalleled. Not to mention, it’s one of the most insta-worthy places to stay near the best places to elope in Utah!

Near Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest:

  • Fantasy Treehouse and ResortRustic treehouse cabin is ideal for feeling like you are in another world. Sleep in the trees 30′ off the ground and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature.
  • Snowbasin Vacation Rental in HuntsvilleRelax in the jacuzzi with a mountain view. It is just what you need after your elopement day! Let the romance continue in this idyllic setting.


What should I pack to adventure these best places to elope in Utah?

Before your Utah elopement journey, make sure that you come prepared with all the essentials.

Pack a hiking backpack and include these items for your trek:

  • Sunscreen! Utah temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. A bad sunburn can take the fun out of your elopement.
  • Plenty of water – You might walk for miles. It is essential to stay hydrated.
  • Snacks – Don’t be a hangry partner and bring some snacks for your journey.
  • Headlamps or a torch if you’re eloping at sunset. It can get dark quickly.
  • Bring a raincoat and a cover for your backpack.
  • Layers that can get removed as the day progresses and added on in the evening.
  • First aid kit and a multiuse tool because you never know when you will need a band-aid or alcohol wipes.
  • Maybe the most essential item on this list – toilet paper! Am I right, ladies? Be sure to read the Leave No Trace guidelines on what to do when nature calls.


Wear comfortable hiking shoes and if you prefer different shoes for the ceremony, bring them along!

Desert landscape imagery by: The Dropped Pin


That was a lot of valuable info!

And we have more where that came from.  Contact us about photographing your elopement or keep reading some of our other free resources to keep planning and brainstorming!

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