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As elopement photographers, planners, and guides we’d love to help guide you along your journey in eloping.  Check out these free planning blogs covering topics from planning logistics, what to expect on your elopement day, and how to make the experience bring you the peace you deserve on your wedding day!

Montana Backpacking Wedding

Montana Backpacking Wedding When Sam and Kyle said they wanted to be adventurous for their elopement vow renewal, we all knew a Montana backpacking wedding was in order!  Ya see, these two have been married for 10 years and never got that adventurous wedding day...

Bride and groom portrait for elopement photos

Christian Wedding Ideas for Your Elopement

Christian Wedding Ideas for Your Elopement Eloping can sometimes get a bad rap in Christian communities, but we've come prepared to give you all the Christian wedding ideas so your elopement can glorify God too!  We're Christian elopement photographers who offer...

alternative couple shows matching hand tattoos

Hiking Wedding Ideas Unlocked

Hiking Wedding Ideas Unlocked for the Ultimate Adventure Wedding Strap on those hiking boots and prep for your hiking wedding!  As Kalispell Montana Photographers who guide couples through hiking elopements year after year in some of the most gorgeous places in the...

glacier elopement ideas

7 Elopement Tips for your Adventure Elopement

7 Elopement Tips for your Adventure Elopement If you’re starting to consider eloping (or maybe you’re a good bit into planning), you will quickly learn you need some insider elopement tips!  As elopement photographers, planners, and officiants, we love to offer our...

couple looks at mountain views in montana

What to do after Eloping | 20+ Elopement Celebration Ideas

What to do After Eloping Elopement Celebration Ideas for just you two or friends and family! YES!!!  You’ve considered eloping and now wondering what to do after eloping!  It’s a natural question!  Most couples did not know eloping was an option so now they want to...

couple points at storm at lake mcdonald

Elope to Alaska | Alaska Elopement Guide

When thinking on how to elope to Alaska, it’s much like planning an Alaskan adventure while throwing an elopement ceremony into the mix! That’s what our couples love about eloping--the ease and peace you receive! So let’s hop to where to elope to Alaska and then cover the how of an Alaska elopement!

couple in a tent at Alaska elopement

Best Places to Elope in the South | America’s Hidden Gems

Best Places to Elope in the South Because it ain't all out west. Finding that perfect elopement location can be difficult, especially when everyone and their momma is saying to go out west.  As a born-and-raised southerner & an elopement photographer, I wanted...

couple elopes in the south

How Does an Elopement Ceremony Work

So you’re eloping (or at least considering it) and you’re wondering, “How does an elopement ceremony work? That’s totally fair! We’re elopement photographers and guides who have seen many, so we wanted to give you some insight on what to say, when to say it, and how to celebrate it! We’ll cover choosing your ceremony location, drafting your ceremony, and ideas as to how to make it special for you both. So let’s hop to it!

eloping couple's silhouette

Eloping in Montana | The Ultimate How to & Location Guide

Welcome to your elopement dreams full of mental peace and adventure in America’s most beautiful state (I mean as Montana elopement photographers, we’re biased, but hey!). Eloping in Montana offers so much to couples just like you–gorgeous landscapes, minimal crowds, affordability, and to be frank–the wild. As elopement photographers we’ve compiled our best elopement tips for eloping in Montana we share with our couples, and we’d love to share with you! We’ll cover where to elope in Montana, when to elope in Montana, and the how of eloping in Montana!

couple eloping in Montana

Best Winter Elopement Locations for 2020

Best Winter Elopement Locations in 2020 The Best Winter Elopement Locations for the snow bunnies or desert junkies! You’re looking to elope and wondering what are the best winter elopement locations!  Elopements are already a bit unique, but let’s add another layer...

couple holds hands on wedding day

Pros And Cons of Eloping | What No One is Telling You

Will I regret it? What does it even look like? So, in true-you-fashion, you need to know the pros and cons of eloping!! We’re elopement photographers, guides, and officiants who have seen eloping couples lay out the true pros and cons of eloping, and we think you deserve to know realistically how stellar, yet legitimate, these options are for you! We will cover 5 pros and cons of eloping to help you make your decision on eloping with confidence!

eloping couple kisses during alpenglow

How to Get Married in Montana With Ease in 2020

Montana is an amazing state to get married in, so up front we’re just letting you know you’re making an ah-mazing decision! As elopement photographers guiding our couples through researching what it takes to get married in different states, we compiled all of our information for how to get married in Montana using all of our eloping couples’ FAQ’s. We’re talking legalities, adventure planning, and elopement planning need-to-knows!

Eloping couple with backpacks hike through green trails in Glacier National Park

The Ultimate Montana Wedding Vendors Guide

I’m Des, a Montana Elopement photographer who knows the feeling of uncertainty in planning a wedding. Finding vendors in a far away place can be intimidating, so I want put together a Vendor’s Guide for your elopement in Montana. Usually couples book photographers before any other vendors, and we LOVE getting to steer couples to other vendors we know that provide the right type of experience for eloping couples—vendors who understand you, want to serve you, and become lifelong advocates for you.

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Here are some more blogs to get you brainstorming on adventure engagement sessions, travel, and mental health!

Why You Need a Husband and Wife Photography Team for Your Elopement

Why You Need a Husband and Wife Photography Team for Your Elopement

Husband and Wife Photography Team and Why Your Elopement Needs One If you're considering eloping and considering whether a husband and wife photography team is necessary, let me answer that real quick: absolutely.  There are so many advantages to hiring a husband and...

Everything You Need to Know about Your Couples Photo Shoot

Everything You Need to Know about Your Couples Photo Shoot Bruh.  I'm telling you to buckle up, because I'm dishing everything you need to know about your couples photo shoot.  And I mean everything.  We'll cover general couples photo shoot tips, what to wear, what to...

Why God the Father is a Hard Concept

Why God the Father is a Hard Concept

Why God the Father is a Hard Concept Des here!  Here to write on kind of a hard topic but in a light way.  Stick around to learn a bit of my ramblings on the topic of God being a Father as well as see an embarrassing timehop pic. 🙂  Here's how I knew it was time to...

Glacier National Park Engagement Photos | Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Engagement Photos | Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Engagement Photos Guide Lemme be the first to say, CONGRATS! You're engaged and considering Glacier National Park engagement photos!  We truly believe there is no better place to capture this awesome fun-loving season of engagement than in...

Questions for Engaged Couples to Set You up for Success

Questions for Engaged Couples to Set You up for Success

Questions for Engaged Couple for a Successful Marriage You’re engaged!  And you’re ready to get this relationship solid before sealing the deal!  These questions for engaged couples will get you started in the right direction.  The truth is there are so many questions...

Things to do When Stuck at Home with Your Partner to Help Your Relationship Thrive

Things to do When Stuck at Home with Your Partner to Help Your Relationship Thrive

This present time has us all getting a little more “quality time” than we anticipated, right? Maybe you’re even feeling stuck. So we put together some of our favorite ways to keep our relationship not only surviving, but THRIVING when we feel a little stuck ourselves. They key is actually to not overcrowd your time with one another, and always be willing to give the other person their space. Here are some activities that allow you to do just that.

Max Patch Mountain Engagement Session

Max Patch Mountain Engagement Session

North Carolina’s Max Patch Mountain boasts 360 views and stunning sunrises for engagement sessions. Max Patch is what many might call “an oldie but a goodie.” At any given moment, you will find seasoned hikers traversing the Appalachian Trail through the Max Patch trail while simultaneously finding beginner hikers who are attracted to the ease of access to the summit with stunning views. With an elevation of 4,600 feet, this bald gathers many hikers season after season who can’t help but develop a love for the bald.

Story of My Life | The Real Reason Why I’m an Elopement Photographer

Story of My Life | The Real Reason Why I’m an Elopement Photographer

I was an adventurer as a child. I’d be gone for hours from the house exploring the pastures and rolling hills behind our home. I’d find ponds, broken down tractors, dusty fields, big trees to climb, vines to pull, streams to roll in. I’m literally getting excited to type this, because the outdoors were such a place of comfort for me. I’d found a place to get out of my own tiny anxious mind and just be. So being an elopement photographer came after years of examining what made me come alive and what gave me peace.

Roan Mountain TN Engagement Session

Roan Mountain TN Engagement Session

What if you could avoid all of the stress that goes into planning your typical engagement session and instead focus on adventuring somewhere new with the one you love? So many things go into planning an engagement session, but stress shouldn’t be one of them. Here we talk clothing, location, and so much more to make your engagement session meaningful and stress-free.

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