Glacier National Park Proposal Locations & How To Plan


Glacier National Park Proposal Locations |

& How to Plan it!

Plan Your Glacier National Park Proposal with Ease

You are getting serious about your Glacier National Park proposal, and you know the time is coming swiftly!  You’re in no doubt search of the best locations, how to actually carry out a solid, romantic plan that surprises your partner, & what kind of proposal will absolutely wow your partner’s socks off!

Look no further!  We are Montana elopement photographers specializing in Glacier National Park proposals, & we’ll be to glad to cover it all here so you can get your yes & trust everything went flawlessly in the process!

We’ll cover our best tips on locations, ways to keep it all a surprise, extra tips to make it fun for both of you, & so much more.  But let’s dive on into exactly how you’ll plan this whole thing.


How to plan your Glacier National Park Proposal

  1. Begin researching your photographer.  They are the key to everything else coming into place.
  2. Finalize your location(s).
  3. Dream up how to personalize your proposal.
  4. Pull off the biggest surprise of your partner’s life & get your yes!

Now let’s dive into each step in depth! 


Why Choose Glacier National Park for your Proposal

  • Glacier National Park offers year-round beauty & accessibility.  No matter the season you’ll be able to find activities & views you’re hoping for!
  • You’ll get the most amazing photos with this national park as your backdrop!!
  • Potential for privacy!  With the right planning in place, your photographer (oh–that can be me!) will be able to find you the most scenic but also more private locations to propose.  After all it can be a nerve-wracking thing for everyone. 😀

Step 1 | Begin Researching Glacier National Park Proposal Photographers

You’re here because you know your partner will need those gorgeous photos of your meaningful moment!  It’s imperative that you find the photographer that will help you from start to finish.

With loads of proposals under our belt, we know we can serve you both beautifully!  But more on that in a bit.  Let’s get to the fun stuff of choosing your location!


Step 2 | Finalizing where to propose in Glacier National Park

When you work with us to choose your proposal location(s), we’lll help you consider all types of logistics from the views you want to see, commute times, what to wear, & so much more.  The location is the biggest piece to get nailed down, & you can truly propose anywhere.  However, these are the locations in the park that are most requested due to their big views & ease of access.

wedding couple overlooking Avalanche Gorge Glacier National Park

The Top 3 Locations to Propose in Glacier National Park


Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is Glacier’s most infamous view as it sits directly inside the park’s west entrance.  You can wow your partner with the symmetrical peaks, colorful rocks, peaceful waters, & some of the most gorgeous sunsets Montana has to offer.  There are ample locations around the lake to get different views depending on if you need more or less privacy and other factors.

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Going to the Sun Road

The Going to the Sun Road is the crowning jewel of Glacier National Park.  While on your trip you’ll 1000% want to check it out, so put it on your list of potential locations to propose!  There are 2 or 3 locations along this road that are always a favorite, so ensure you work with your photographer to end up at the right spot together. 🙂

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Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake (and the area around it) has the most glorious pacific maritime climate!  Meaning your proposal can be filled with old growth forests, mosses, & ferns galore!  Flowing creeks & the infamous Avalanche Lake await you.  If you & your soon to be fiance are hikers, consider this hike as a Glacier National Park proposal option for you!

wedding couple overlooking Avalanche Gorge Glacier National Park

Step 3 | Personalize your Glacier National Park Proposal

Planning your proposal in Glacier National Park is already a great decision!  But believe it or not you can impress your partner even further by personalizing your proposal!  Your proposal shouldn’t just be about giving a ring, hearing yes, & taking photos for an hour.  Your proposal should be about creating tangible memories for you both.


3 Easy ways to personalize your Glacier National Park Proposal

  1. Include loved ones!  You can do this by having loved ones present or ask friends & family to write “congratulations” letters so that after your partner says yes you guys can soak up time together reading congrats from loved ones.
  2. Tailor how you present the ring.  You of course can either give the ring in your hand or in a ring box.  You may also be able to think how to give the ring inside something else meaningful like inside an empty coffee cup from your parent’s favorite coffee shop.
  3. Propose while doing a shared outdoor activity!  We’ve got more ideas on this below, but proposing while hiking, kayaking, or before your helicopter tour over Glacier National Park would all be great ideas!

Step 4 | Pull off the surprise of your partner’s life & get your yes!

Now that we’ve helped you find the best date, location, & personalized your Glacier National Park proposal, now all that’s left to do is show up & ask!  We’ve got even more tips for your proposal below, but you can trust that on that day everything will come together seamlessly & your partner will be floored at how you got everything together with the help of your photographer!  Not to mention, you’ll be a fiance after it all. 😉


Our most popular proposal package & everything you get

Our most popular Glacier National Park proposal package is our Adventurous Package.  

Here’s everything you’ll get when choosing this package!

  • Up to 2 locations for your proposal & one hour session immediately following
  • Unlimited planning help via email, phone, or text so all of your q’s are answered
  • Unlimited images from your Glacier National Park proposal
  • Online, high resolution gallery where you can download or print your images from
  • Vendor referral list to help you find and hire any remaining vendors you may need
  • Our undying love & support
  • Package price is $1200

While this is our most popularly booked proposal package, we also customize packages for you!  Contact us to get on a call to discuss anything else you may need!  We can’t wait to help you give your partner the Glacier National Park proposal experience they deserve!

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Bonus tips on planning your Glacier National Park proposal

How do you actually pull off the surprise?

If you are hiking or kayaking, etc. then you have an easy way to get your partner to a specific location.  If you need help constructing a story (but still a true one bc we’re not into lying haha) we have helped so many folks craft a true story that persuades their partner to get to the proposal location.  Let us help you plan your story!

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What should you wear?

For the proposal part you can wear what you would normally wear doing the activity.  Since all of our packages come with photos after, we do recommend sneaking your partner’s favorite outfits for you both into a bag so you can change once you’re officially engaged if you guys both want!

When is the best time of day to propose in Glacier National Park?

The best time of day is sunrise or sunset!  The location you choose will vary as far as which time of day looks better!  Sunset is typically more romantic, but sometimes people prefer to propose at sunrise so they have the rest of the day to not be nervous. 🙂

Check here for an estimate on what time of day sunrise & sunset will be during your proposal date.

What can you do to celebrate after?

You can celebrate by eating a packed up picnic or head to Whitefish Lake Restaurant with a reservation.  Downtown Whitefish is also a great place to take a stroll and soak in your new title of fiance.

What cool places could you two stay?

This tree house, this spot with a private sauna, & these glamping tents would be great options for two!

What should you bring to the proposal?

Definitely the ring!  Extra clothes just in case they want photos in something more formal.  And any items you’re using to personalize your Glacier National Park proposal.  Always bring water & snacks when you’re adventuring in the park too!

What do you need to get into the park for your proposal?

You’ll need your entrance pass which you can purchase ahead of time online or you can purchase at the west entrance.  Depending on when exactly you’re proposing you may also need vehicle reservations that are required in different regions of the park.  Those should be purchased in advance and are only available online.

You’re on your way to proposing in Glacier National Park!

You have truly accomplished so much by landing here, & we can’t wait to support you as you get engaged!  Be sure and contact us for availability so we can help you get started planning!

wedding couple overlooking Avalanche Gorge Glacier National Park

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She even helped calm me down and plan what to do when the weather wasn’t looking great.

My fiancé and I had so much fun in the 1 hour session we had with her after the proposal and after a very quick few days I received my photos and we fell in love all over again! What a great experience on top of an already incredible time.

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