Eloping ain’t just about elevated wedding photos.

It’s about an elevated wedding experience.


Elopement Photography Packages

+ more that offers a life-changing experience.

By letting us guide you in eloping and choose the perfect elopement packages, you’ll exchange—

stress for peace

doubt for confidence

exhaustion for rest

complications for simplicity

pressure for freedom

and get to do it in an ah-mazing way with these elopement packages.


Do you want a personalized elopement experience

perfectly striking the balance between luxury and comfort?


We point you to the location, vendors, and timelines that makes you feel at ease in your dream setting be it a mountaintop, grassy meadow, or lakeside somewhere stunning.

Do you want to feel true connection on your wedding day instead of

lost in a sea of folks?

We set your day up for success by helping you prioritize quality time with who you love most whether that’s just your partner or your partner and a few folks with whom you feel at home.

Do you want to treat your guests you love to a

wedding experience where you both feel awestruck by your surroundings?


We give you the resources to not only plan your wedding day to be stress free; we give you the resources to equip your guests to have a blast experiencing your dream wedding location with you.

Do you need videography included in your package to make your memories

even more tangible?

Here’s a peek into what could be when adding video onto your package. <3

In every elopement package you’ll find all this goodness in addition to the stellar photography:


Elopement Brainstorming Master Guide

Our 20 page PDF giving you the skinny on 4 foundational questions you must answer when planning your elopement.  This will help you dream big and give you the practical tools to execute the dream. (Psst, once you book your initial call you’ll get that baby fo free!)


Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide

Our massive web page including steps 1-10 of how to plan your elopement with relevant links, advice from previous couples, and actionable steps so you can know you’re on the right track.


Personalized Elopement Location Guide

After getting results from our comprehensive questionnaire we’ll send ya, we get to work crafting a location guide so you get to choose exactly where you’ll exchange vows, adventure, and do big hangs.  It’s packed with photos, logistics, and hot tips on each location that only a local would know.


Exhaustive Vendor Guide

This resource is 30+ pages of vendors we love and trust working in your elopement location.  It’s not just the cookie-cutter vendors either.  Need a tattoo artist?  In there.  A hot air balloon pilot?  In there.  And if you find something else you need… oh friend are we going to add it!


Leave No Trace Elopement Handbook

You’ll need a little help navigating how to get married ethically in the Great Outdoors as each location differs in how best to preserve it.  This handbook will walk you through best practices based on your location so you can visit your ceremony location in 100+ years, and it will still look the same. 🙂


Final Elopement Checklist

Who hasn’t forgotten something running out the door?  So we send a final checklist right before you travel to be sure you’ve got everything prepped for the day and packed for the ride–not to mention we need reminders on tiny items… like maybe even a wedding ring reminder? 


Lodging Wishlists

Lodging can be competitive, especially when looking for lodging that is convenient to your location and looks beautiful to photograph.  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite large homes for folks with guests and cozier spots in case you want to just snuggle more privately.  You don’t have to do all the scrolling as we’ve got lodging included in all ranges of budgets and good commute times.


Guest Travel Guide

If you’re bringing guests along, they’re probably already asking, “What hike should we do? Where’s the best spot to eat? How do I get to my rental car?”  We truly want you to be stress free so we’re creating a new resource that will give you travel tips and even 3 and 5 day itineraries so you can share what the locals know to be true.  We ask you to share with your guests to ease the travel stress and give everyone a great trip experience in addition to enjoying your wedding experience alongside you. *subject to location availability

Sneak a peek into our


Because we believe

you deserve custom client resources to best make your decisions.


How else will you be most successful in executing your unique wedding vision?


your Personalized Elopement

Location Guide will Include:


  • Location selection strategies
  • Applicable national park and forest rules
  • Location logistic tips
  • Personalized location notes
  • How to form an elopement concept
  • Potential ceremony location options
  • Easily paired experiences
  • Potential adventure locations
  • Final implementations tips

Because you need to see

location photos, trail considerations, how busy it will be, & all the practical info.


You cannot afford to make the wrong decision when choosing *your* perfect location.



Your exhaustive elopement

vendor Guide will Include:


  • Hot tips on how to choose the correct vendors for you
  • Extra considerations on different types of vendors
  • 20+ pages of traditional wedding vendor recommendations like officiants, hair and makeup artists, caterers, and floral designers
  • 10+ pages of unique wedding vendors recommendations like hot air balloon pilots, tattoo artists, and any other unique vendor you’ll need
  • Vendor values & processes to understand before hiring

Because you need to know for certain

which local vendors are supportive, reliable, and fit your unique taste.


Choosing the correct team to support you through the process can make or break how you live out your wedding day so let us show you who’s the bees’ knees and knocks it out of the park every time.


your elopement brainstorming

master Guide will Include:


  • Setting the foundation for nailing your elopement vision
  • An introduction into 4 crucial decisions you must make when eloping or having a destination wedding
  • Tips on knowing who to bring along
  • Location logistics to consider when choosing your general wedding location
  • A breakdown of how to budget for your wedding experience
  • Final action steps to bring your newly discovered vision to life

Because you need the encouragement to

dream big, think critically, & put your plan into action.


We believe brainstorming helps you unlock the peaceful, customized, and exhilerating elopement experience of your dreams.  So much so we’re giving away this Elopement Brainstorming Master Guide for free.  Schedule a call with us to claim your copy!

Check this out.

Here’s what eloping folks are saying about hiring us:


couple photos at big bend glacier national park

Des and Dan truly made our wedding day perfect. When we started looking for a photographer for our elopement, we had a hard time finding someone whose pictures and editing style we loved. After looking through their portfolio, I immediately scheduled a consultation. From the first meeting, it felt like I had known Des for years with how personable she is. My husband and I knew we had found the perfect people to help us plan and spend our elopement day with. We didn’t know the area well, so all the guides and resources provided were a life saver! There was never a question we had that went unanswered, and the communication was always easy and quick. I am in love with every single one of our photos, and there are so many to look at! The final gallery tells the story of our wedding day, and we are so excited to be able to share them with our friends and family. We wouldn’t have been able to have the most amazing day without them!


-Rose & Ryan

For fun, here’s some more of what’s included in every elopement package:


Unlimited Planning Consults –

Whether you’re planning over the span of a year or down to a few weeks, we want you to know we’ve got your back with these resources as well as with our time!  You are welcome to email questions at any time and expect a response within 48 business hours.  If you have a short question, feel free to text and expect a response when we’re clocked into work.  We also open our calendar every. single. Sunday. for folks to book zoom calls with us for any face to face planning you may need help with (plus we love a good double date night to get to know each other even better!).


Timeline Assistance –

On our initial call we’ll work to put together a rough draft of what your day could be.  Then we’ll fine tune this moving forward through a fun collaborative process that puts you in control of your elopement experience while taking into consideration all of our years of experience and expertise.  You have never planned an elopement before.  We’ve planned dozens upon dozens.


Gallery Print Credit –

When you pay ~$10k for elopement photos, they deserve to be printed and plastered all over your home. 🙂  We’ll give you a print credit to be utilized at a reputable online print lab so you can get high quality photos directly from your gallery that will show up at your door step.


Our undying love & support – 

If you’ve read even one of the reviews our loving couples have left you’ve seen proof we offer something not quite so tangible in our elopement packages.  Friendship.  Support.  And lifelong adventure pals.  This means we’ll be gassing you (and your marriage) up for decades to come.  When we come through your town, we’ll be asking to grab dinner and drinks or catch a good hike!  We’re down for this ride wherever our relationship takes us. <3

Let’s hear it again!

Here’s what eloping folks are saying about hiring us:


couple photos at big bend glacier national park

We cannot say enough good things about Des and Dan. To put it as simply as we can – if we were to do our elopement all over again, they would be the absolute first call we made. If you read nothing else, I cannot think of a better endorsement than that. Now, if you want details…

Where do we start? When you hire Des, you get so much more than a photographer. She was incredibly thoughtful in how she approached our elopement and made it the perfect expression of us and our relationship. Within the first couple conversations, she was able to get a solid grasp on who we are as a couple and as people and what was important to us. From there, she laid out our options to help us select the best sites for our ceremony and photos (along with all of the permitting that goes with it), and then was able to work with us to create OUR perfect day. Des laid out the initial timeline for us, and then worked with us over the course of several months to make tweaks to it, making sure it was exactly what we wanted.


-Margaret & Mike

I know what you’re thinking.  That’s good & all, but

Let’s talk numbers, baby.

For elopements & weddings

with honored guests & fam:


You know what it’s like to truly cherish the quality time you spend with your boo outdoors.  Then suddenly life calls and that trip to the river, the 10 day excursion through the alps, or that cozy movie night  is over.

Feeling pulled away from your partner is not the feeling you want on your wedding day.

However–you also know what it’s like to laugh so hard your stomach hurts because of something a friend said.  You love the warm hugs that come with gathering around a meal with your closest friends and family.  You honestly can’t imagine a wedding day without them no matter how intimate you want it to be.

Hiking wedding photographers

Here’s your solution:

Your 2 Day Boundless Wedding Experience

Our most popular elopement package for folks bringing guests along

Day 1 dedicated to your guests


Spend day 1 preserving all of those traditional elements you want to keep.  Keep what you want and trash the rest.

Envision those special getting ready moments with guests, your intimate ceremony somewhere stunning, an on-site celebration, & wrap it up by sitting down for good eats with your guests.

Or even better –let us help you discover how to format your day 1.  Your possibilities are only limited by how big you can dream.

Day 2 dedicated to each other


Live out your wedding experience by truly having it all.  You’ve had that relationship-focused day 1.  Now top it off with a day entirely dedicated to experiencing your wedding location with just one another (plus us of course ;)).

Dream big–go hiking, ride in a hot air balloon, dog sled, or kayak.

And look hella hot doing it.

Finish your wedding experience by snuggling somewhere cozy to wrap up your adventure day with your new forever-boo.

Your 2 Day Boundless Wedding Experience Begins At:


For elopements & weddings

hoping for a single day experience:


If you’re eloping in true “just us” fashion or you’re bringing guests along, we also offer full day elopement experiences that don’t carry over into a second day.

If you’re bringing guests along we’ll guide you in prioritizing during the timeline process so you can get quality time with guests & quality time with your boo if that’s how you’d choose to spend your wedding day!

If it’s truly just the two of you, then this full day will feel no less full that when folks bring guests.

You have tons of flexibility and opportunity on how to spend your entire day together.

From morning snuggles in your claw foot tub, to your ceremony, to a romantic sunset canoe ride amongst some of the world’s most scenic views, you’ll feel that peace you were hoping for with a just us full day experience.

Hiking wedding photographers

Here’s your solution:

Your Full Day Elopement Experience

Our most popular elopement package for “just us” folks and couples bringing guests along for a more traditional timeline

Your Full Day Stellar Wedding Experience Begins At:


For elopements & weddings

needing ceremony coverage & 1 location:


As much as you’d love to explore all the live long day, perhaps you are searching for something on a smaller scale.

If your ceremony location and portrait location are in the same spot and you don’t mind losing a second photographer, then a half day package may be just the ticket for you.

Believe it or not, the romance can still be felt while we cover half a wedding day instead of its entirety even considering how much we’d love to be their for the entire time.

We have an elopement package just for you.

Hiking wedding photographers

Here’s your solution:

Your Half Day Elopement Experience

Our least popular elopement package

Your Half Day Wedding Experience Begins At:


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