We’re wildly in love world travelers just like you. But we believe your wedding should be different.

This is why we’re passionate about your elopement

We’re a lot like you…

Dan & I (mostly I) fell in love backpacking across Asia as strangers. Then once we were back in the states, our friendship grew!! Once we were engaged (OMG I WAS PUMPED HE FINALLY LIKED ME LOL) we started planning a wedding with less than 6 months until our date. We were crazy in love and just wanted our day to hurry!! I even remember calling my mom and asking, “Will you still help give us a BIG wedding if we just go to the courthouse and make this legit?”

This should have been our cue to elope.

Many people tried to come to our rescue & assure us, “this is normal. you’re supposed to feel this way before the big day!”

But we’ve found that’s not the truth.

You don’t have to be stressed. You don’t have to invite everyone. You don’t have to feed the whole town. And you don’t have to follow by any preexisting rules.

You deserve an elopement that makes you feel valued & heard.

Why do we believe eloping is a great option?

Simply put—because we believe that you deserve a day that makes you feel comfortable and secure. A day filled with playfulness, the kind that makes you feel like little kiddos again adventuring in your own backyard. And a day that brings you the appropriate amount of adventure you need so that your day reflects what you enjoy and is easy (no, AH-MAZING) to remember)! Let’s not forget the mental peace and wellness you’re brought from simply being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Here’s the more technical way of saying it:

Here’s why we’re elopement photographers:

Our purpose is to bring a sense of belonging and community.

We believe that every person deserves to be heard and valued.

We believe that you don’t have to seek approval to be loved.

We believe that family is who you make it.

We believe that the outdoors provide us with mental peace and stability, so we preserve it in return.

Here’s how we’re elopement photographers:

We value trusting, genuine, open, and comfortable communication.

We value creativity, positivity, simplicity, and organization.

We value unconditional support, new experiences, and kindness.

Here’s what we do:


But seriously, though. We take the why and the how to transform it into your most beautifully created wedding day and work tirelessly supporting you and guiding you until your elopement experience is lived out.

So let’s talk about it!

Here’s how our passion grew:

My (des here!) story before photography was one that focused on people—how could I get to know them (like really know them) & serve them?  In middle school, I served my classmates by being the wittiest classmate I could be. In high school, I served my classmates by being the one they could always make fun of (thanks, mom, for the delta ’88 powder-blue Oldsmobile).  In college, I served my friends by drinking all of their peppermint mocha creamer in my way too strong Columbian coffee. And now, I serve people by being sure they know they are valued as a person no matter their background & truly known—a little tip I learned from Jesus.  Added bonus: I’ve upgraded vehicles, & I can now afford my peppermint mocha habit.

Dan grew up in a teeny-tiny town with essentially the same dozen or so friends his whole life. They were good boys, but they loved to adventure in the woods of Mississippi. So Dan has always had an affinity for being outdoors with people he can just really be himself around. He is honestly (and I’m not just saying this because I’m his wife) the most selfless person I have ever met. He serves our couples so well in ways I can never even think of. If he sees a need, he will meet it. <3

And let’s not forget our enneagram types!!! I’m a type 6 so I’m about to be incredibly loyal to ya! I am down for this elopement ride whatever it brings. I will be there to listen, to problem solve, to coach, omg and just so many things that come so naturally to me. Dan is a 9 so he is the anchor to my wild heart. While I’m busy trudging through research, logitistics, paperwork, Dan is the one asking, “Hey, have you asked them their favorite childhood memory yet? I bet it’s hilarious!” He is the quiet calm to my quiet craze.

People—who they really are—have always been a part of our stories.  Their stories, passions, and their growth! That’s why we’re passionate about what we do.  We get to know you, where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and some weird facts along the way (lol) so we can document this season & be your life-long encourager long after your photos are delivered.  Let us pump you up!!! (and also take some fun, flattering, & 5ever photos) <3

Some of our favorite things include…

Parks & Rec, All dogs that ever existed & all people that volunteer in animal shelters, Green, leafy veggies, Colorado, thrifting for the environment, Cooking dinner for friends, Recycling and repurposing, Correct grammar usage, 73 degrees, Black jeans, Rewatching vines, 70’s music, Chris Pratt movies (literally any of them), 8 PM bed times , Tattoos that tell stories, Essay tests

And cue husband obsession slideshow

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