Rainy Lake McDonald Proposal in Glacier National Park


Rainy Lake McDonald Proposal in Glacier National Park

So you’ve come to see all the goodness that is a rainy Lake McDonald proposal in Glacier National Park?  As Kalispell Montana Photographers and Glacier National Park enthusiasts, we’ve got all the details PLUS a few hot surprise tricks up our sleeves!

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The Surprise Lake McDonald Proposal

When folks inquire with us about doing a surprise proposal, they usually aren’t settled on a plan of how to actually surprise their partner and have a photographer nearby to capture it.  When Zach reached out to us he wasn’t quite sure either!!  Through a few emails and a phone chat we discovered our plan!  Dan and I (local photographers like I mentioned lol) would send Zach a fake DM on instagram to ask if he and his girlfriend would model for us at a few places for our website.  Then we’d let him decide the best time during our fake photo session to propose.  This also allowed him to let Whitney pick out their outfits and get ready in a way that would make her feel beautiful for their photos they would keep a lifetime!  We kept fake planning (allthewhile real planning via email) and share some of our favorite locations for their Lake McDonald proposal!

It’s safe to say Whitney was surprised, and this was a victory!  We planned to continue our session after the big moment so they could also have some engagement photos!  As we moved along Lake McDonald during their proposal HUGE drops of rain began to fall!  It was straight out of a romance novel, I swear!!  These two were down for the drama, and Whitney even suggested getting in the frigid waters during their Lake McDonald proposal!  We’re always up for couples willing to get a little dirty and adventurous so we loved getting to capture those insta-worthy moments!!

Contact us to help plan and photograph your surprise proposal or keep scrolling to see Zach and Whitney’s rainy Lake McDonald proposal for yourselves!


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