Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experiences | The Top 10 Most Unique Experiences!


Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experiences for Adventure Lovers and Cozy Couples


Oh, baby, you’re considering saying your vows and hopping on a plane to experience your Glacier National Park honeymoon!!  But dreaming all this up has left you wondering a few things like travel logistics, things to do, and maybe you’re even searching for some itinerary options.  As Kalispell Montana photographers and Glacier National Park enthusiasts we’ve got the answer to all these questions and more so you can best be equipped to enjoy and relish in your time in the Crown of the Continent!  Stick around as we answer FAQ’s, what activities you should do during your Glacier National Park honeymoon, where to stay, what to eat, and your honeymoon itinerary!  So let’s hop to our absolute favorite activity recommendations for your epic (or chillaxed) honeymoon!

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The Top 10 Most Unique Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experiences!

We’re big fans of experiences as are our eloping couples.  We believe you deserve to have those same jaw-dropping and chill bump inducing type of days in Glacier, so let’s hop to the top 10 absolute must do’s for your Glacier National Park honeymoon!


#1 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Do an adventure photography session!

If you’re considering a Glacier National Park honeymoon, it’s probably in huge part to the over 700 miles of hiking trails!! Our number 1 hiking recommendation is Avalanche Lake near the west entrance and Grinnell Glacier near Many Glacier.  Each section of the park, however, truly has amazing trails that almost any physical capability can hang with.  No matter which trail you choose for your Glacier National Park honeymoon you’ll need to be prepared with bear spray.  You cannot fly with bear spray so it’s best to plan on renting a can for every 2 persons in your party.  Glacier Outfitters is right inside the park as well as in the Kalispell airport, and we always recommend renting your bear spray there!

But truth be told you cannot capture all the goodness that is Glacier on your phone.  Hike with a professional couples’ photographer down some of Glacier’s most popular trails so you can have those epic photos to commemorate your new marriage!  And BONUS: BRING ALONG YOUR WEDDING ATTIRE for a portrait session that will be out of this world.  Contact us for deets!  Or check out this Glacier National Park Engagement Session Photo Guide to see potential locations.  But let’s keep going in the meantime.

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engagement at lake mcdonald
couples photo at lake mcdonald glacier national park

#2 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Enjoy sunset over Flathead Lake from your kayaks!

If the weather is feeling just right during your honeymoon a kayak tour may be a great fit!  Kayaks are an awesome outdoor activity for (mostly) anyone.  You’ll get to relax on the water all the while getting a unique perspective of some of the United States’ most infamous lakes.  While Glacier National Park is what draws you, we understand sometimes it’s great to sneak away from the crowds.  Allow us to introduce you to the wonder of Flathead Lake!  As the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi you’ll be at a loss to find an angle of the lake that is not jaw-dropping at sunset.  Our favorite kayak tour vendor is Sea Me Paddle, and they even have a romantic sunset tour to Somers Bay you will have to make a part of your Glacier National Park honeymoon!


#3 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Get unparalleled mountain views while off-road with ATV’s

While the Going to the Sun Road is arguably the most scenic drive in America, we know there are Montana views even this road cannot get you.  ATV’s are not allowed to off-road inside Glacier National Park, but some of our favorite Montana views are found while peeking into the park from another vantage point.  Glacier Ridge Runners is a local service to find ATV’s as well as the keys to unlock some adventurous off-roading experiences.  Their guides can give you some of their favorite off-road routes so you can truly experience Montana like a local.  No one else’s Glacier National Park honeymoon can boast about their adrenaline quite like you after seeing the Flathead from the tops of mountains from the safety of these ATV’s!

And don’t forget to hire some photographers (that’s us!) to capture this goodness for a honeymoon session! 😀


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#4 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Relax and increase your wellness!

Of course, of course… go hiking, roar up an ATV, do all those big adventurous things.  But what is a Glacier National Park honeymoon without investing in your mental and physical health via some relaxation time?  When your muscles are sore from all the *ahem* “hiking,” plan on practicing some new spa opportunities!  Cloud 9 is a great local spot to sit in the sauna, get in a float session, or do some cryotherapy.  Your body will thank you for it, and you can quickly get back to all that “hiking” you came for. 😉


#5 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Enjoy easy mountain views with horseback riding.

There’s a reason for the saying “riding off into the sunset together.”  You’re newly wed so we think you should ride off into the sunset together too.  Artemis Acres has simply the best mountain views of any horseback riding service we have encountered near the park.  There are services in the park and nearby other than Artemis Acres, but we’ve always been found wanting more in regards to views.  Artemis Acres is a locally owned service to give you those big, peaceful views you’ve been hoping for during your Glacier National Park honeymoon.

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#6 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Enjoy a campfire dinner while glamping under the stars.

There is nothing better than waking up snuggled to your boo, but could you imagine waking up snuggled in a glamping tent?  Maybe it does get better!!  Now imagine you’ve spent your day doing another amazing activity on this list and retreat back to your glamping tent for a cozy campfire dinner.  The Wander Camp is where you can have that snuggly, yet somehow epic experience.  Nestled in pines and meadows, this glampground offers you a beautiful off the grid location to stay near the park that is truly insta-worthy.  Plan on staying here many nights as possible during your Glacier National Park honeymoon.

Don’t forget to plan on having us there to capture all those snuggly and insta-worthy campfire moments!  Contact us to plan your honeymoon session at The Wander Camp!


#7 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Devour some local vegan and gluten free foods!

There are so many delicious places to eat in and around Glacier, but we know you’re not only looking for delicious–you’re looking for unique!  You might even have a food allergy to accommodate on your Glacier National Park honeymoon.  Take a break from cooking all your own meals and packing snacks to enjoy Dan d’ Lion!  With all foods being gluten free and plant based, you’re guaranteed to find something refreshing and energizing.  You might think it’s all salads… but you couldn’t be more wrong.  Dan d’ Lion has savory pizzas, soups, wraps, and even cheesecake!!  If you check it out, you’re almost guaranteed to see me there! 😀

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Wedding Dance on the Beach
Eloping Couple Celebrates with Pizza on the Beach

#8 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Hit up a local community market!

Columbia Falls lies right outside the west entrance to Glacier National Park and is our absolute favorite town to introduce our couples to.  It is an adorably quaint mountain town with a local feel.  The residents are kind and overtly Montana!  With ranging skill sets and gifts you’ll be in good hands for your trip memorabilia and souvenirs!  The Columbia Falls Community Market is open every Thursday night after 5 PM until twilight and always has live music and yummy foods to enjoy!  When you need a break from Montana mountainscapes and need a local adventure, check out this market!


#9 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Go big and charter a helicopter.

Calling all thrill seekers!!!  (And lazy bums)!  You may want those big Montana views without all the work.  We’ve been there, and truthfully you cannot experience the entirety of the park in even a lifetime.  There are too many regions of the park varying in views to take in on a honeymoon trip.  A great way to maximize your time and experience something brand new is to charter a helicopter to fly right over the park.  This makes our list of unique Glacier national Park honeymoon ideas because time is limited on this particular activity.  The National Park Service is fading out the amount of flights that have access over the park so adventurers can only charter flights over the next 3 years–then it’s all done!  So contact Red Eagle Aviation about your flight opportunity STAT for your Glacier National Park honeymoon.  And be sure to book a private flight specifically so the mood stays adventurous and intimate.

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#10 Glacier National Park Honeymoon Experience


Relax where fine dining and the great outdoors meet!

When you think trail snacks, what do you think?  Maybe you picture inhaling some pb&j’s while sitting on a trailside boulder.  While we love the standard sandwich and trail mix while adventuring the backcountry–believe it or not–there is a better way!  Keep your diet local with salmon, bison, cheeses, you name it while feasting on one of The Kopper Kitchen‘s charcuterie boards to go!  We encourage every. last. couple. of ours to utilize this service for their elopement day, and you’re no different!  Plan on ordering one of these boards to go ahead of time so you can pick it up to head out on the trails during your Glacier National Park honeymoon.  Enjoy a luxury picnic overlooking St. Mary Lake while enjoying local treats and save some for us to join you!

We love nummy foods too!  So reach out to book us for your honeymoon session eating charcuterie overlooking all Glacier has to offer!  Don’t know the best picnic location??  We’ve got years of experience taking couples into the park, and we’d love to share our favorite spots!


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wedding couple overlooking Avalanche Gorge Glacier National Park

Considering ditching that wedding and eloping instead?


If you think about it, it might be pretty appealing to ditch that wedding and elope during your honeymoon!!  If that’s you, we’ve got some resources to send your way!  Click below to check out our eloping in Montana guide with locations, how-to’s, and so much  more!!  Or keep scrolling to see those Glacier National Park honeymoon FAQ’s.


Glacier National Park Honeymoon FAQ’s


What are the must-sees in the park?

If you’re considering Glacier National Park for your honeymoon, it’s probable you’ve heard the rumors (and they’re true) that this park is the best park in the United States for hikers.  It is called the hiker’s paradise for a reason!!  Some of our favorite trails to share with our couples honeymooning in Glacier National Park is Avalanche Lake, Sun Point, and Paradise Point.  

Of course the Going to the Sun Road is a must-see if you’re visiting when the road is open!  The Going to the Sun Road is a 50 mile long road extending from the West Entrance of the park near Lake McDonald all the way to St. Mary on the east side.  Traveling along this road will give you views of Lake McDonald, the expanse of the Lake McDonald valley, Logan Pass, and St. Mary lake.  With miles upon miles of hiking trails beginning along this road, you can easily spend your entire trip experiencing everything this road has to offer.  Even if you’re not that into hiking this road is a must to drive and enjoy a leisurely (although simultaneously thrilling) ride as you peer over some of the most scenic views of the Montana rockies during your Glacier National Park honeymoon.

Where should you fly into for your Glacier National Park honeymoon?

The most obvious answer would be flying into Kalispell as it is the closest airport to Glacier National Park.  However, flights may be difficult to come by in our local airport.  Perhaps even rental cars are in such high demand it could be difficult to grab one here.  Try Kalispell, but keep your eyes peeled for flights and rental cars at other airports such as Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, and even Spokane!  These airports typically have more cost-effective tickets, a scenic drive to the Flathead Valley, and a ready supply of rental cars.

Which side of the park should you plan to stay in?

For some of the more infamous views to enjoy during your Glacier National Park honeymoon, choose to stay near the West Entrance!  Towns nearby include Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls (our favorite town to recommend).  Of course we’re big fans of encouraging couples to experience the east side of the park so be sure and plan a day or two of your Glacier National Park honeymoon dedicated to staying near St. Mary, Two Medicine, or Many Glacier.

What time of year is best?

There is no wrong time of year to plan your honeymoon in Glacier National Park!  If you’re hoping for rushing waterfalls, lush plant life, and an abundance of wildlife, plan on coming in late Spring with the caveat that the Going to the Sun Road will likely be closed.  You’ll need to plan on hiking or e-biking long distances to get to some of the more popular areas of the park.

If you’d love to experience the Going to the Sun Road and have access to the most popular trails choose to plan your Glacier National Park honeymoon opt for a late July to mid-September trip.  You may even get some wildflowers at higher elevations, but keep an open mind on planning to consider any potential wildfires in or near the park.

For the best fall Glacier National Park honeymoon, stay in the park from mid-September to November.  You’ll see gorgeous fall colors, snow-capped peaks, and peaceful waters as the park begins to quiet down for winter.  It should be noted, though, that the Going to the Sun Road often closes in October for snow so there is a risk of being limited to other sections of the park during late fall.

Lastly, a winter honeymoon in Glacier National Park may be for you!  If you love skiing, snowy lake views, and cozy evenings around a fireplace, plan on visiting during the winter!  Lake McDonald is typically accessible this time of year, but going further than the Lake McDonald Lodge will be impossible as plow crews stop plowing at the gate there.

How many days do you need for your Glacier National Park honeymoon?

The obvious answer–just move there!!  But we know not everyone is so lucky… so for the purpose of your Glacier National Park honeymoon, we’d recommend a minimum of 4 days.  We believe, however, the perfect amount of time to get in some great hikes, local food, adventurous activities, and give yourself some leisure time would be 10 days.  If that seems a little long, don’t worry!  We can help find the perfect way to fill in your time!

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