What if you could finally book out your wedding and elopement calendar in destinations you’ve never been to before, only work with clients that inspire you, and pay yourself the big bucks consistently without the constant frustration of social media?

wedding couple overlooking Avalanche Gorge Glacier National Park

Is this you?

So you’re on a mission to book out your wedding and elopement calendar with inspiring couples in dream destinations and change the lives of couples you’re wild about in the process.

You changed up your website, attended boujee content days and workshops, and offered to shoot at bucket list locations only for travel fees. You even keep up with trending audio and scour for hashtags that are working for reels like it’s your full time job.

But even still the inquiries are not coming in.


If we’re being honest, you’re starting to get pretty frustrated it’s not happening for you like everyone else, and you’re wondering if business is always going to be this exhausting.

Sound about right? Then I’m so glad you’re here, because you’re definitely right where you need to be.




Does this also sound familiar?


You post reels on IG, create carousel collages, and tag every vendor you worked with on the regular, and deep down, being overlooked over and over again when you post makes you feel less than–is my work not good enough?


You believe you haven’t booked out your wedding and elopement calendar because your portfolio isn’t bursting at the seams with destination couples, but you don’t actually have any evidence to support you on that.


You think you just need your “normal life” to calm down so you can focus on photography and growing your business.  You can barely keep up with marketing like other insta-famous photographers as it is, right?  Especially if you want any semblance of a social life.



You’ve negotiated your prices to get enough wedding bookings to make a decent amount, but your calendar feels full of the same monotonous jobs over and over again. You want to be done trying to make minis or family sessions work for you. What you really want is enough inspiring jobs to pay yourself a consistent, reliable income to pay for the life you actually want to live.


You’ve tried commenting amidst a sea of other photographers on all those ISO photographer posts, but it hasn’t really gotten you anywhere. Actually, it’s just been a pretty big waste of time.


You got new branding to update your website and other photographers even rave about it, but you know it could be better and do more to connect with your dream clients.


You spend all your extra time scrolling your phone trying to find your clients, and it makes you feel guilty every time your partner says they wish you could just take the night off… you didn’t think it would be like this when you got into photography.

And at the end of the day, all you really want is to book out your wedding and elopement calendar— you see other photographers living this every single day, and tbh, you’re jealous on the inside that it’s not your reality yet.


Believe me when I say I get it… because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.


The thing is, I’ve booked out my wedding and elopement calendar despite sucking at marketing my business on social media. (I mean peep the >900 follower count.  It’s abysmal. LOLOL)




So I can tell you without a doubt…


You don’t need to have 5k+ followers on IG, and it’s not that you need an extra 5 hours every week to find clients.


So… what is it?

Why haven’t you booked out your wedding and elopement calendar with couples you’re wild about working with in your dream destinations (….even if you’ve never been to that destination before? 👀)

Before we get into that, I think it’s time for some great news.

You can book out your calendar with only jobs that inspire you without getting a reel to go viral or wasting time adding another thing to your to-do list for your business.


Just imagine what that would actually be like:



You feel your phone buzz to see a notification from Honeybook.  You got a dream inquiry for an elopement in the Rockies, the San Francisco City Hall, or even the coasts of Italy.  And they found you through your website!  You’re so excited you could tbh kick a hole in the wall. 😀


You see that first $2k retainer come through from a quirky and fun couple that’s just your type, and they want sunrise photos in a hot air balloon in the desert!  Your heart starts to race!!!  It’s finally working for you, and you’re on fire with creative ideas for the first time in a long time.


You step off the airplane in Alaska with your rolling camera bag in tow.  You’re so giddy excited and can’t believe someone is paying you to travel and photograph their wedding on top of a glacier.  They booked with you even though you’ve NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE.


You import those photos to choose sneak peeks, and there are too many inspiring photos to friggin choose from!  You see a madly in love couple, the wildest landscapes, and intentional details, and you know–you’ll deliver them a gallery that absolutely blows their fudgin’ socks off.  Helloooooo to TWO new 5 star reviews!


You finally get to pay off your student loans for the degree you’re not even using anymore.  You can’t believe photographing the most intentional weddings is what’s paying off your debt after years of being trapped under it.  You can finally breathe again.


All of that CAN be your reality thanks to WTR: Writing That Ranks – My simple yet powerful system to book weddings and elopements anywhere you want with ease.


Which can only be found inside of… 


Blogging Like Breathing


Blogging Like Breathing is a 10 week group coaching program that will show you how to get premium priced wedding and elopement inquiries from your website.


It has everything you need to consistently book out your wedding and elopement calendar with ease…


Even if you suck at marketing your biz, don’t have time to add something else to your plate, and you’re not naturally a great writer.

Blogging Like Breathing is the missing link that will help you finally book out your wedding and elopement calendar with inspiring jobs.

You get access to my simple yet powerful system to book weddings and elopements anywhere you want with ease  and all of the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support that you need to make your dream a reality.

Who am I to teach you how to only book the weddings you’re wild about… and book as many as you want?


Hey I’m Des! 🙂

I used to be in your shoes… frustrated, confused, and getting nowhere trying to book out my calendar in my small town.

I spent YEARS (and more money than I can count) doing allllll the things… content days, workshops, online courses, second shooting, doing giveaways … you name it, I tried it.

Then I tried hiring an SEO and blogging coach.  And with that personalized help I booked out my calendar within one year–securing $5k bookings left and right all with less than 500 instagram followers to show for it.  I learned I could find clients in a way that worked for ME.

I was no longer victim to the ever changing algorithms.  I was done tapping out of real life to post and engage at the right time. I had compared my success, my portfolio, and my engagement to other insta-famous photographers for the last time.

I logged out of social media and got SERIOUS about finding clients my way.  I learned there’s so much more to photography than battling constant comparison, algorithms, you name it.

I found a way to find clients that worked for exactly who I was and where I wanted to go.

I’ve taken everything that I learned on my journey and put it into Blogging Like Breathing because it’s exactly what I wish I had when I was photographing any wedding I could hoping my dream inquiry would magically fall in my lap,  

It’s my mission to help as many wedding and elopement photographers as possible get past all the other crap by simply focusing on what works.  And what works without all that constant wasted energy.


Blogging Like Breathing would have saved me SO MUCH time and confusion. I can’t wait for it to do the same for you.


Hiking wedding photographers

It’s my mission to help you get clients that leave RAVING 5 star reviews just like these:


Bri + Michael trusted us as the only photographer for them from the moment they clicked onto our blog.


“ I quickly learned that research online into a location can only give you so much information. When I came across Des on the hunt for our photographer, it was like a dream come true. She impressed me off the bat with the amount of professionalism, information and transparency she provides through her website before you even hire them.

– Bri + Michael


Paige + Jack became lifelong friends with us after their elopement day, and they found us via our blog too.


“Des put so much love, energy and hype into every discussion and part of planning the best day of our lives. Working with Des made me feel so comfortable and open, I didn’t know that we would become so close, she is always there to listen and guide you through any panic. Trust me no matter how small your wedding day is, there can be panic”

– Paige and Jack


Katie + TJ found us to photograph their 2 day destination wedding in Montana on our blog and fell in love with our personalized help along the way.


“Des and Dan truly go above and beyond in all ways. Not only did they immortalize the most perfect day of our lives, but they made us feel so loved and important during the entire process. Des is so much more than just a photographer; she also played the role of wedding planner and therapist when wedding planning got stressful! 🙂 She was always there for me for spur of the moment zoom calls and random texts throughout the planning process.”

– Katie + TJ


Loryn + Gary knew they needed a skilled photographer, and a skilled communicator.  Our blog proved to them that we are both.


“When looking for elopement photographers my fiance and I had both separately and together came up with different options and ultimately chose Des and Dan because of their thorough and personable knowledge we read on their website! We were blown away by how detailed they were, and having a 1 on 1 convo with them sealed the deal.  They made our elopement day one that I am confident no one else could have matched.”

– Loryn and Gary


I created Blogging Like Breathing so you can get clients just like these over and over (and over).



Here’s how it goes down:



SEO for Photographers

In week 1, I’ll show you all you need to know about SEO to get started blogging to guarantee success.  You’ll learn what SEO is, is NOT, what your website needs, types of blogs that book out calendars, and mindset help to make you a blog writing baddie.


With SEO, foundation is everything.  What is the point of spending your time writing if the blogs sink, never go anywhere, and yet again–your time has been wasted.  This week ensures none of your time is wasted when you blog moving forward.


I’ll cover:

  • Nerdy details about SEO–but make them non nerd friendly 🙂
  • 3 specific types of blogs every photographer needs to book their aligned clients
  • Mindset markers of successful bloggers
  • and my easy domain authority building checklist for you to implement so your blogs get started on the right foot.  Not to mention my Google Guide to get you started with setting up all of Google’s free tools without the headache.



Writing prep

In week 2, we’ll cover how to write to rank from top to bottom!  You’ll learn how to discover what your future couples are actually searching on Google and how to write the blogs that rank and practically write themselves.


I’ll cover:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • How to write like they think
  • Keyword research
  • Repeatable blog outline formulas that WORK
  • Researching competitors (and how to beat them)
  • and you’ll gain access to my blog outline templates to double check every blog you write moving forward so you never feel lost



Optimizing for Google and Your Future Couples

In week 3, I’ll show you how to optimize the body and images of your blog so your chances of ranking higher than your competitors is maximized!


When you learn to play by Google’s rules you’ll be rewarded by blogs that are fast, easily readable, and retain website visitor’s attention.  This means all the pieces of the puzzle are together to create more traffic for your website from couples searching for exactly what you offer.


I’ll cover:

  • The best tools to help you increase blog page speed
  • How to increase readability to retain website visitors
  • How to optimize the images you choose for your blog
  • Types of images that couples really care about seeing
  • and you’ll get my easy, repeatable guide on exactly how to optimize images so your blog doesn’t get bogged down



Publishing your blog and tracking progress

In week 4, we’ll go through the best free and paid tools to measure progress of your blogs so you can watch their rankings and make adjustments as needed so they continue to soar.


Tracking blog progress and making tweaks is an important part of the process so that you always know what to do next if a competitor is beating you on a keyword you’re targeting.  By using the right tools you’ll know exactly what to do to help increase rankings no matter where Google initially ranks your blog.


I’ll cover:

  • Free tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics 4, and others
  • Paid tools that help you target adjustments to make
  • and you’ll get access to my Every Blog Checklist before publishing your first of three blogs during the program



Story blog deep dive

In week 5, we’ll transition from information to transformation as we take a deep dive into story blogs, what they are, how to write them, and how they profit your business.


When you have story blogs waiting on your website for couples to see, they’ll see your killer galleries, the experience you provide your couples, and real inspiration for their wedding days that only you can offer them.  These also serve you as quick links to share with inquiring couples to prove you’re the right photographer for them and their unique wedding day.


I’ll cover:

  • What a story blog is
  • How to write no fluff story blogs with details that convert website visitors to inquiring couples
  • Choosing the best images for a story blog
  • and you’ll get access to my story blog template so you can fill in the blanks and publish!


(Wondering how you not only get enough inquiries to book out…. But ONLY book out with couples who are obsessed with you and your work?  This week covers how to bring in clients that are only good vibes!)



Informational blog deep dive

In week 6, we’ll cover informational blogs and how to write them to answer your future clients’ questions before they have them–making you the authority on all things deemed their wedding day.


Your future clients have (likely) never planned a wedding or elopement before.  You might’ve photographed 10… or 500.  Either way your experience is authoritative relative to theirs.  When couples find your informational blogs answering their current questions and questions they didn’t even know they had yet, you’ve built a trust like none other.  Take them on a learning journey, and the trust needed to book and spend big dollars with you has already been established.


I’ll cover:

  • What an informational blog is
  • How to write for current and future questions your clients have
  • Leveraging common questions as your blog funnel
  • Infusing brand with copy to build trust
  • and here you’ll get access to my informational blog post template so you know you’ve done your due diligence to write exactly what your future couples need to hear


WEEKS 7 and 8

Cornerstone Content Deep Dive

In weeks 7 and 8, we’ll cover what cornerstone content is, how to research specifically for this type of content, and how to write in depth guides that lead to more traffic and high conversion rates.


When you write the ultimate in depth guides to things like “how to elope in your dream destination” or the “best wedding venues in blank” you will stand out from your competitors and showcase the expertise you have to create the exact wedding experience they’re hoping for.  Never actually been to those dream destinations before??? No problem!  I’ll show you how to write and rank these in depth guides even if you’ve never stepped foot there.


(Pssssst! This is what puts an end to all that portfolio building.  Say girl bye to paying for expensive content hoping it’ll actually land those destination clients!)


I’ll cover:

  • The ins and out of researching competitive topics
  • How to write to stand out
  • How to format long form content so couples find it and stick around to the end!
  • and you’ll get access to my cornerstone content blog template to double check your work and feel confident that all those words you’re writing will be found, read, and loved by your future clients



Your Repeatable Writing Process

In week 9, I’ll show you everything you need to know about how to continue using this new skill of blogging you’ve learned so you never lose steam and can continue to bring in clients effortlessly.


By understanding–authentically–who you are and how your business runs best, you can create a blogging habit that feels great to you and can be repeated time and time again around your schedule using where you’re naturally gifted.  Take the pressure off to “blog every session” or “blog every week.”  Instead we’ll personalize a blogging habit and goals that are manageable for you in your uniqueness.


I’ll cover:

  • How often you *actually* need to blog
  • How to self-evaluate your productivity to maximize success
  • Appropriate goal setting for photographers who lose steam easily
  • Productivity help for your busy schedule
  • and here I’ll show you my sample quarterly blogging schedule and help you create yours personalized to you too!


(BTW–this week is where you develop the strategy and confidence to bring in clients on your own terms.  No more second guessing every post or hashtag.  You won’t need an intensive instagram strategy after you implement this week’s material!)



The Blogging Like Breathing Debrief

In week 10, we’ll take a deep dive into all things deemed your lingering q’s!  I’ll take time to answer your remaining q’s in depth so you know you leave the group coaching program with no stone left unturned.


Education can be scary… I get it.  But this week you get to design the course material so that whatever you need to learn next or anything needing clarifying on can be taught!  You’ll get this live answering of your q’s in addition to the course community group where you’ll get access to me so you can trust that this program suits your specific needs.  We’re not cookie cutter around here.


I’ll cover:

  • Clarifying questions from BLB content
  • Fun moving forward topics like backlink campaigns
  • Next steps to ensure continued success





Each week we’ll gather together on a coaching call to discuss the week’s topic at length, clarify your questions on the content, and discuss your upcoming homework for the week.


You’ll no longer watch cold, impersonal education and hope the educator helps it make sense for you to apply.  With your live calls with me we get to bounce back and forth with dialogue to be sure you’re grasping the content as you go.  Not to mention–you’ll learn LOADS from your fellow small group of photographers learning the same skills alongside you.


Don’t worry.  These aren’t calls with millions of other photographers where your voice can’t truly be heard.  This group is intentionally kept teensy tiny so *your* questions get answered.  This group is more supportive and entails much more hand holding.  We’re not just getting a massive group together so we can take a cheesy photo and post blah blah proud of these folks for growing their biz. You deserve more than that.



Every week you’ll have homework based on the week’s topic.  This isn’t a middle school “praying I get an A” situation.  Your homework will walk you through real life application of the skills you’re learning.


Education that sits static does nothing but rot and stink up your business.  With weekly homework you’ll be incentivized to actually move forward in your business using blogging and have the external motivation you need to get shiz done to bring in your dream clients.



Once you complete your homework for the week you’ll submit that to me for personalized review.  This may be in the form of notes, videos, etc. so you get clarification on how to improve before moving forward.


You’ll get every ounce of support you need to stop double guessing yourself with me in your corner.  You’ll get tips and next steps from me that are personal to your business, your ideal clients, and your favorite locations so your potential for inquiries through your blog is maximized.  Along the way you’ll also learn how to evaluate your own work so you become a self-sufficient blogger crushing the competition and booking out your calendar in the process.



In our course community group you’ll get access to me Mon-Thurs to answer questions as they arise.


Once you begin to implement material, do your homework, and dream big about where your business is headed–there will no doubt be questions that need a swift response.  With our course community group you’ll benefit from even more personalized solutions to your unique problems.  Not to mention see your fellow students’ q’s and my answers to learn from as you go.


(Hate workshops with swarms of other more experienced photographers?  Intimidated by asking biz q’s in front of industry pros?  Take the intimidation factor out of the equation by getting your q’s answered in our community group of photographers who are in your same shoes.



You’ll get my killer resource of commonly used (but still sometimes confusing) SEO terms for a quick reference and easy understanding.


If you’ve tried learning SEO and blogging before, I GUARANTEE the lingo took you for a loop.  It did me.  With this dictionary you’ll have non-nerd friendly definitions to SEO terms so you aren’t intimidated by lingo and can get started becoming a pro at blogging FAST.



You’ll complete self evaluations as you begin and when you complete Blogging Like Breathing!


These self evaluations are beneficial to you as you learn exactly where you are in your blogging journey, how much you grow through the process, and where you need to move next!  Think of these like getting an aerial view of your marketing so you can easily see where you can continue to grow and where there’s been progress along the way!



Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have the option to sign up for your 1 on 1 closing strategy session!  We’ll get on a Zoom together to discuss where YOU move forward and dream together with actionable steps you can use.


Yes–blogging can be an easy way to skyrocket your number of inquiries over time, but it does require personalized strategy and time to take effect.  After our 1 on 1 closing strategy session together you’ll have confidence all the pieces of the course are coming together for you, and you’re getting the result you signed up for moving forward.  These will be offered several months after the close of the course so we can dive in together to see where you need help after you’ve had time to implement the process fully on your own.



These bonuses are only available for this founding launch! Once the doors close, they go back into the vault to only be shared with my 1:1 students.



Upon joining the course you’ll get access to my ever growing library of over the shoulder writing tutorials where you can see live how I:

  • strategize with the right keywords 
  • organize the different types of outlines
  • and continue to launch the blogs to successful ranking positions no matter where Google initially places them


In addition to the live teaching, access to me for extra q’s, other course resources, etc., you may find you need to simply watch examples to pull all of the information together.  With the over the shoulder blogging tutorials you get to see every miniscule step of the process to increase understanding even further!  This means you’ll strategize, write, and outrank your competitors with confidence and Get. Those. Bookings! 



These are the exact done for you email templates I start with when launching a backlink campaign for a specific post I need to rank higher. You’ll take these templates, adapt them, and gain backlink after backlink.


This process is my juicy secret to getting backlinks without taking a million hours out of my busy schedule to apply for backlinks through publications only to not get the return on my time investment.  This is how you hand pick the backlinks you receive and (bonus!!) make industry friends along the way!





On the other side of Blogging Like Breathing, you’ll experience results like:


✔️Actually knowing what the beeeeeep to write about when you decide it’s time to blog 

✔️Publishing blogs featuring juicy destinations and watching your website traffic skyrocket

✔️Getting your time back from the dumpster fire that is Instagram and putting it to use somewhere that gets you big budget bookings that are just your type

✔️Booking weddings and elopements in destinations you’ve never even stepped foot in before with ease

✔️Finding clients that are obsessed with you, your work, and the larger than life wedding experience you know you can give them

✔️Paying yourself a reliable income, having extra money to buy things like coffee every single day and birthday cakes for your pets, and even paying off debt

Heads up: Spaces are super limited… and will fill FAST


There are only 7 seats available in Blogging Like Breathing so the program stays as absolutely personalized and helpful to your business as possible. 

Secure your spot and grab your bonus before your competitor does.




Blogging Like Breathing comes with a money back guarantee!


I’m so confident about what’s inside this program, and I know it will work for you–so I put my money where my mouth is! If you show up, do and apply all the work, truly give it your best, and don’t get your dream inquiries rolling in within one year, I’ll give you your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a booked out calendar full of dream jobs to gain.



Here’s everything you get access to:


  • 10 weekly group coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and materials (even as they’re updated)
  • Blog templates and checklists
  • Writing schedules and personalized support
  • Slack support Monday-Thurs
  • Program bonuses like my over the shoulder blogging tutorials and backlink campaign email templates
  • My undying love and support



How It Works

  1. Fill out the application to be sure Blogging Like Breathing is perfect for where you are in your business.
  2. Hear back from me within 24 hours.
  3. Make your first payment.
  4. Get access to Blogging Like Breathing goodies and begin the first step to booking out your calendar!


Now you’ve got two choices:


ONE: Close this page and keep doing what you’ve been doing

staring at other photographers’ IG’s getting fomo, wondering why no matter what you do you don’t feel good enough, and praying if you share photos from that content shoot *again* someone will inquire that isn’t getting married in a stuffy orange barn.




TWO: Apply for your spot in Blogging Like Breathing and take the first step towards booking out your calendar full of only the couples and locations that feel inspiring to you.


You know which option I’m voting for.




In 2 weeks, you could be researching which keyword couples search when trying to find their photographer at *your* dream location which means they’ll be finding you instead of the other way around.


In 2 months, you could be on page 1 for juicy keywords and gaining website traffic which means inquiries for any destination could be headed your way.


And in a year, you could be hopping on a plane to photograph that wedding on a mountaintop, a golden coastline, or a boujee European city knowing that the couple loves you and kept you and your family fed with that paycheck.


But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and get Writing That Ranks and all of the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support that you need to make your dreams a reality inside Blogging Like Breathing.

You might be wondering…


Q: What if I can’t make the live coaching calls?

A: The calls will be recorded as they go and added to your course materials so you can review.  Then simply drop your q’s in the course community group, and I’ll get to them so you don’t miss out even if you can’t join live.


Q: What if I don’t get everything done in 10 weeks?

A: After Blogging Like Breathing is finished you’ll have the option to add on 1:1 biweekly coaching with me.  If you need continued personalized support after the program is complete, we can continue through the course material or work through your closing strategy together over the course of however long you need.


Q: What happens after I sign up?

A: As soon as you enroll in Blogging Like Breathing, I’ll email you all the info you need to log into the program so you can begin digging around!  You’ll get access to the SEO quick dictionary, the over the shoulder blogging tutorials, and you’ll complete your preprogram self evaluation.  Then… on (DATE) we start with our first live coaching call!


Q: I’m not really great with techy website things. Will this still work for me?

A: Absolutely friggin yes.  I’m not a tech gal myself.  Every techy website skill you’ll need is figureoutable with my help along the way.  And if I personally can’t help you figure it out–I can guarantee I know someone who can.


Q: I’ve taken online courses before and I never finish them. How will this be different?

A: Blogging Like Breathing is different from other online courses, because it offers accountability and personalized strategy.  It’s easy to get frustrated by a course and log out if there’s not a real human with a personality waiting on you.  Once you know you have a real life human for a coach and other photographers rooting for you, you’ll have the external motivation you need to finish.  Along the way, dare I say you’ll also learn the tricks needed to create your own internal motivation that keeps your business moving forward.


Q: I still have a question! Can I DM you?

A: Yes!  That would be the best!  Drop a dm to @_desanddan, and I’ll be stoked to get back to ya!  Don’t mind if you hear babies or barking dogs in the background.  I like to voice message. 🙂


If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not Blogging Like Breathing is right for you.


Here’s exactly how to know:

Blogging Like Breathing is for you if:


  • You are a part time photographer who wants to be full time one day


  • You are a full time photographer, but what you can pay yourself isn’t paying your bills easily


  • You can get bookings, but they’re bookings that leave you uninspired and feel routine


  • You have a website, you’re working on your portfolio, and you don’t know what to do next


  • You have invested in other education, but you lose steam without external motivation to hold you accountable


  • You think you suck at marketing your biz, and you wish there was a guaranteed way to book out your calendar in the long run


  • You know you want your business to go to the next level but you tbh don’t even know the right questions to be asking

Blogging Like Breathing isn’t for you if:


  • You’re already booking your calendar full in multiple destinations of your choice


  • You don’t have 3 hours per week to put towards your business’ growth


  • You have great success using social media to get inquiries


  • You don’t want to learn a new skill and get your money back by booking 1 or 2 jobs with your blog


  • You have your blogging strategy down to a T.  And you don’t see room for improvement.


  • You already blog with confidence, and you’re on page 1 for most of your keywords


  • Your calendar is so busy with other kinds of photography that you don’t want to book your calendar full of weddings and elopements

If you read through that list and you’re STILL unsure…


I’ll talk you through my real numbers here.  When I hired my blogging and SEO coach, I paid him $500 month to coach me through learning blogging from ground zero.  I couldn’t even tell you what the letters SEO meant at the time.  But what I could tell you is that blogging seemed like a beast that was too confusing to mess with.


In 6 months (and $3000 later), I was on page 1 for the keyword that absolutely changed my life.  The first inquiry I booked that found me on that blog… booked a package at $5500 (my most expensive package I had ever booked at that time).  That means I made all my money back and almost double that with ONE job I booked from blogging.  And that booking was in my absolute dream destination.


And I know for a fact you can do the same.  


So… what do you say? 


Are you ready to book out your calendar?

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