Elope in Oregon

The Ultimate Location & How-To Guide to the Best Places to Elope in Oregon

Elope in Oregon | Why, How, and Where to Elope in Oregon

You’re considering the choice to elope in oregon, and it’s left you with some questions!  We’re elopement photographers & officiants who help our couples plan every detail of their adventurous elopements so we wanted to put together a guide on eloping in Oregon with all the goodies: why you should elope in Oregon, the best places to elope in Oregon, & how to actually do it!!  We’ll include some common Oregon elopement packages as well!  But enough of that.  Let’s talk perks of choosing one of these best places to elope in Oregon.

Why Elope in oregon:

Oregon is arguably one of the most beautiful states in the US to elope in!!  It made our list of the Best Places to Elope in the US for a good reason: diverse landscapes, an easy legal process, and frankly–issa straight MOOD.  No matter what type of elopement you’re planning, choosing to elope in Oregon is a no-brainer. Oregon even makes our list of the Best Winter Elopement Locations for 2020, so you’re good-to-go year-round! It offers otherworldly beautiful atmospheres to elope in from the abundance of waterfalls & epic mountain views all the way down to the Oregon coast.  Let’s not forget Oregon’s desert giving you a serious Southwest vibe when you elope in Oregon.  Pick almost any view you want to see on your wedding day, and we can find it at one these best places to elope in Oregon.

Here on the quick steps on how to elope in Oregon:

  1. Hire your Oregon elopement photographer.
  2. Choose your Oregon elopement date and location.
  3. Plan your travel and get legally legit to elope in Oregon.
  4. Show up to your boss Oregon elopement prepared.

This is an overview, so let’s dive deep.  Step 1 is hire your Oregon elopement photographer.  And hey!  I know 2 who would be stoked to photograph you while you elope in Oregon!  Check out your friendly Kalispell Montana Photographers with an itch for travel or keep reading to unlock all the secrets on how to elope in Oregon!

Elope in Oregon: Choose the perfect Oregon Elopement date!

Whenever you decide to elope in Oregon, there will be an Oregon elopement location waiting for you with open arms!!  It really depends on your vibe.  Some parts of the year are moodier and the fog rolls in which is what causes a lot of people to elope in Oregon in the first place.  October through February brings dense fog to the coast, and make for an intimate setting.  It also brings precipitation, so you’ll need to be prepared.  If you want sunny days, elope in Oregon in the summer when you’re most likely to have clear skies.  Of course if you want snow when you elope in Oregon, choosing a winter date will serve you best.  We’re well equipped to help you choose the perfect date for you to elope in Oregon.

Our Elopement in the Mountains Guide gives a lot of good insight into all the considerations of choosing a mountainous climate, so check it out if you’re thinking of an Oregon mountain elopement!

Another thing to consider when choosing your date is the day of the week you need to choose at one of these best places to elope in Oregon.  A traditional wedding would involve a Saturday or Sunday.  However, eloping in Oregon gives you the freedom to exchange vows & adventure on any day of the week.  In fact, we recommend choosing a day early in the week like a Monday through Wednesday for our couples choosing to elope in Oregon for a few reasons: crowds are down, the day can go by slower, and you have the rest of the week to celebrate your new marriage!!

Elope in Oregon: Choose the perfect Oregon Elopement location!

Oooooo this is my fave part & the most intensive part of this guide on how to elope in Oregon: choosing one of these best places to elope in Oregon.  Oregon’s landscape offers so many potential elopement locations, we’ve broken them down into categories: waterfall elopements, Oregon coast elopements, Columbia River Gorge elopements, Mt. Hood elopements, & High Desert elopements.  Let’s start with the best places to elope in Oregon having a waterfall.  Note: these waterfalls are located outside of the Columbia River Gorge & Mt. Hood!  We have more waterfall locations listed under them too! 😉

Best Places to Elope in Oregon:

Oregon Waterfall Elopement Locations

Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Oregon Waterfalls

Toketee Falls: Umpqua National Forest

Toketee Falls is the waterfall with the shortest trail clocking in at only .8 miles.  This is a stellar option for choosing to elope in Oregon with family who might not want to explore all day.  Instead you can opt to elope in Oregon at these falls, say sweet goodbyes to your guests, and continue on your way to explore Oregon all day with your boo & your elopement photographers.

Tamolitch Blue Pool: Willamette National Forest

When they say blue pool, they mean BLUE.  The stunning blue hue of the water against the mossy green of the surrounding forest makes this a striking view for when you elope in Oregon!  Plus you wouldn’t be opting to elope in Oregon if you didn’t have an adventurous side that might want to hop in & swim on your wedding day!

Ramona Falls Trail: Mount Hood National Forest

Another adventure loving location for when you elope in Oregon!  To access these cascade falls, you’ll need to cross a stream by walking over logs and traversing some awesome scrambling opportunities!  If you’re up for a real adventure with a big pay off, this best be the best place to elope in Oregon for you!

Best Places to Elope in Oregon:

Oregon Coast Elopements

Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Oregon Coast Elopement Locations

The Oregon coast has so much to offer couples choosing to elope in Oregon!  Here you’ll find peaceful & intimate locations filled with mega views of crashing waves, dramatic cliffs, and various islands popping out everywhere!  An Oregon Coast elopement also has several location options that do not require a wedding permit so the process has a leg up already!  Let’s check out some of the best location to elope in Oregon on the coast!

Cape Kiwanda: Tillamook Oregon

Cape Kiwanda is one of the best places to elope in Oregon because it gives you all the Cannon Beach vibes with none of the crowds.  This location shouldn’t be viewed as second best to Cannon Beach either, because it packs quite the punch on its own.  With its own share of haystack rocks, rugged cliffs, and scenic viewpoints Cape Kiwanda should be high on your list of the best places to elope in Oregon on the coast!  We seriously could type all dang day about this location, but we’ve got other spots too.  Let’s hop to ‘em!

God’s Thumb: Lincoln City, Oregon

A stunning view of God’s Thumb on your Oregon elopement day will make for a memorable moment as you trapse up the trail to the final view.  Choosing to elope in Oregon is going to give you stellar views anywhere, but this location is special.  It features wildflowers & leaves you right on the coast against a massive backdrop of God’s Thumb leaving you with a serious sense of reverence.  Elope in Oregon at God’s Thumb if you’re looking for breathtaking views & minimalist vibes!

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor: Brookings, Oregon

I mean if “scenic” is in the name, you know this Oregon elopement location has gotta be good option for when you elope in Oregon!  This 12 miles of Oregon coast is located near the border of California so your views will feature that Oregon mood with a mix of California Redwoods!  Not to mention, this is one of the most insta-worthy Oregon coast locations in the entire state!  You’ll find gorgeous haystacks, evergreens, and interesting rock formations to climb which sounds like a pretty good way to elope in Oregon if you ask me.  Exchanging vows here will be euphoric!

Ecola State Park: Tillamook Head, Oregon

This state park is right down the beach (literally) from Cannon Beach so the views will be insanely similar if you choose to elope in Oregon for a Cannon Beach view!  You can even see the beach from one of the scenic viewpoints while basking in your privacy of the nearby state park.  This Oregon elopement location is perfect for folks wanting to elope in Oregon at Cannon Beach  but don’t want the unnecessary crowds.  This is another location that shouldn’t be second.  It has its own striking beauty on these 9 miles of Oregon coast!

Trusted vendors for Oregon Coast Elopements:

Anderson Florist

Best Places to Elope in Oregon:

Elope in the Columbia River Gorge

Best Places to Elope in Oregon: The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the top places to elope in Oregon for a few reasons!!  First, its stunning beauty!  The Gorge (as the locals love to call it) has some of the more mountainous terrain in the state with scenic overlooks & alpine meadows!  It also has the state’s densest concentration of waterfalls, and they are all lookers!  Its proximity to Portland is a big bonus for couples choosing to elope in Oregon as a destination wedding!  It has some of the most popping locations in the state!  Let’s see where to elope in Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge.

Dry Creek Falls: Columbia River Gorge

This fall is one of the best places to elope in Oregon due to its ease of access and beauty!  Dry Creek Falls would make a great Oregon elopement location for anyone opting to bring their sweet pup(s) along as it is also a dog-friendly trail for when you elope in Oregon with a pup best man.  This is a more popular trail, so it is best suited for a gorgeous & peaceful sunrise elopement.

Wahkeena Falls Loop: Columbia River Gorge

This loop trail is an epic option within the Columbia River Gorge!  You’ll see some of the most iconic waterfalls in the state of Oregon and rack up less than 5 miles in the process!!  This trail would be best for couples choosing to elope in Oregon wanting the best waterfall bang for their buck!  It’s also dog friendly, so bring your furry friend along with you to celebrate your Oregon elopement as you watch thousands of gallons of water flow through the abundance of waterfalls on this trail!

Best Places to Elope in Oregon:

Elope in Bend, Oregon

Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Bend, Oregon

Bend Oregon offers something quite unique when choosing to elope in Oregon!  Your Oregon elopement in Bend, Oregon will be packed full of Bend’s scenic landscapes & funky small town vibes even though its the largest town in the central region.  This is truly one of the most unique spots in Oregon because of the amenities of Bend paired with the option to elope in Oregon in the Great Outdoors!

Tumalo Mountain Trail: Deschutes National Forest

This is a gorgeous trail to use when you elope in Oregon in the summer near Bend!  The trail keeps you shaded most of the way so you won’t feel the burn of the summer sun, you’ll be able to see multiple infamous Oregon mountains: Mt. Bachelor, South Sister, and Broken Top!  Depending on the time of year you can also experience some awesome fog or cloud inversions making it one of the best places to elope in Oregon! 

Sparks Lake: Bend, Oregon

Sparks Lake is in the vicinity of the Tumalo Mountain trail, but holds its own as an elopement location in Bend!  You’ll be able to view all the mountains mentioned above but from a different view that is crazy accessible!  It even has a wheelchair ramp providing ease of access for any elopement guests no matter their physical capabilities!  The sunsets here are also to die for & will make for some epic photos of your Oregon elopement!  This spot should be high on your list of the best places to elope in Oregon!

Best Places to Elope in Oregon:

Elope at Smith Rock State Park

Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Smith Rock State Park

Want that Southwestern vibe but not feeling heading down the Arizona or Utah?  Smith Rock State Park is your solution!  It is beginning to trend upwards as an Oregon elopement location, and we see why!  You’ll find stunning rock formations and ample opportunities to climb if you’re into it!  Let’s hop to some of the best places to elope in Oregon here in Smith Rock State Park!

Crooked River Trail: Smith Rock State Park

This trail is the most iconic Smith Rock State Park trail for couples wanting to elope in Oregon!  You’ll get awesome rock features and be able to see the funky landscape from beneath while traipsing alongside the river!  Locals have stellar swimming hole spots so if you get hot in this high desert, this trail will help you cool off when you elope in Oregon.

Burma Loop Road: Smith Rock State Park

This trail is for couples wanting to elope in Oregon for a stellar & challenging hike!  You’ll be rewarded with high elevation views and the opportunity to do some beginner level climbing if you’d like!

Wolf Tree Trail: Smith Rock State Park

This trail in Smith Rock State Park is one of the best places to elope in Oregon for couples wanting a desert vibe with easy access for any potential guests!  This trail is only 2.2 miles and has ample views in the beginning section as well.  You’ll need to utilize sunrise for this trail as it gets crowded later in the day, but we can configure a time that will work best for beautiful light  and minimal crowding.

Best Places to Elope in Oregon:

Mt. Hood Elopement Locations

Best Places to Elope in Oregon: Mount Hood

Mount Hood is one of the premier views in the entire state of Oregon and makes a great option for couples choosing to elope in Oregon under its grandeur!  This peak is snow capped year round and has surrounding glaciers giving your elopement a snowy & wintry vibe even if you decide to elope here in the summer!  It is one of the most versatile Oregon elopement locations so you can bring guests, do a “just-us” elopement experience, elope in the Spring, the dead of winter, and it goes on and on!  You can create almost any Oregon elopement experience you desire in this national forest!

Trillium Lake: Mount Hood National Forest

This lake gives you the perfect view of Mount Hood on an incredibly easy hike for when you elope in Oregon.  The lake becomes reflective in optimal weather conditions so you might have the opportunity for some reflection photos during your Mount Hood elopement!  This is another dog-friendly trail that features wildflowers and easy access for guests making it one of the best places to elope in Oregon featuring the infamous Mount Hood!

Top Spur: Mount Hood National Forest

This trail features high elevation views of Mount Hood and is relatively easy considering the views involved!  You can continue on past the end of this trail onto another section that will reward you with even more stellar views and minimal crowding.  At 5 miles or less, this trail would be a great option and should be high on your list of the best places to elope in Oregon!

Bald Mountain: Mount Hood National Forest

This trail in Mount Hood National Forest provides views on views on views for the adventurous couple hoping to stretch their legs while they elope in Oregon.  These are some of the most impressive high elevation views of Mount Hood in Oregon and will not disappoint an adventurous couple looking to elope in Oregon.

How to Elope in Oregon Legally

Simply put you’ll need a few things to elope in Oregon legally.

Here they are:

  • $60 for a marriage license
  • Certified officiant
  • 2 witnesses

There are some nuances to these, so let’s check them out!!

First, the marriage license needs to get in order when you elope in Oregon. It is a $60 fee, but you should also know about the waiting period.  There is a 3 day waiting period for the license to become active, but this is no big deal if you decide to check out the scenes when you elope in Oregon.  This might be an exciting wait, or you might opt to pay the $10 fee to waive the wait!  We think it’s worth it if you’re so excited to get married you just can’t wait!  And we can’t blame you!

As for a certified officiant, Oregon is pretty lax on who they consider certified which works in your favor!  This means an online ordination is valid so virtually anyone can officiate your Oregon elopement with the right forethought.  The process to be ordained online is painless, and we think this is a great way for couples to elope in Oregon in a meaningful way by including important guests.

Check here for specific Oregon marriage laws for any further questions.

Bonus: in case you’re wanting a “just-us” Oregon elopement, we (me & my cutie hubs Dan) are both ordained and can perform your legal ceremony!  This means you’ll have an officiant included in your elopement package at no additional charge and one witness taken care of.  Speaking of witnesses…

To elope in Oregon, you’ll need 2 witnesses.  If you use another person to officiate, then any remaining guests can sign your license.  If you opt to not bring along any other guests, then Dan & I will be glad to sign as your witnesses!  If you use one of us to officiate, then we can find two hikers passing by to sign as a witness.  Finding witnesses this way is always fun, and folks are always excited to help you elope in Oregon by signing your marriage license!

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When to Elope in Oregon

As we said before, Oregon is one of the best places to elope year-round!!  Depending on the views you want and the activities you’re interested in, you’ll be able to choose the perfect time of year to elope in Oregon!!

To elope in Oregon and plan for your weather, you’ll need to bring layers no matter what time of year!  Your Oregon elopement essentials list should come with a rain layer at all times of the year and an open-mind should mother nature have fun weather plans while you elope in Oregon.  

Only you know why you’re choosing to elope in Oregon, but part of the reason might be the infamous moody Oregon weather.  Sure, Oregon temperatures can reach all the way to an average of 90 degrees in the summer, but higher elevations will bring cooler temps.  This is accurate year round, and you’ll need to keep some weather preferences in mind as you choose the best time and place to elope in Oregon!  Check here for a more detailed overview.

Spring Oregon Elopements:

Spring in Oregon has cooler temperatures and wild-flowing falls!  This would be a great time to elope in Oregon at one of the waterfall locations we mentioned!  Spring in Oregon also has ample opportunities for that famous Oregon fog on coastal locations which we loveeee, and we think you’ll dig it too!  

Summer Oregon Elopements:

Summer in Oregon has melted most of the snow at higher elevation trails and will give you access to more of the adventurous views in the state of Oregon.  Summer is a popular time for travel to Oregon so you’ll want to plan accordingly as it might take a bit longer to figure out travel logistics to elope in Oregon in the summer.  However, it is definitely worth it to avoid crowds to elope in Oregon in the summer!

Fall Oregon Elopements:

Fall in Oregon gets a little sleepier and boasts some of the most stunning fall colors in the Pacific Northwest!  Trails quiet, and the locals take back their state.  This is a great time to elope in Oregon if you would enjoy a leisurely Oregon elopement experience with all the time in the world. 

Winter Oregon Elopements:

Winter in Oregon brings precipitation and shorter days.  Snowfall is at its highest, making some higher elevation views inaccessible.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be at a loss for Oregon elopement locations though.  You’ll be able to elope in Oregon in winter with the right guidance and location scouting (and we love to do it!).  This is a great time to elope at Mount Hood so you can pop out your snowshoes and head to a gorgeous view of this mountain while you elope in Oregon.

Knowing what season if best for you to elope in Oregon:

Some couples are snow bunnies.  Other might be desert junkies!  Depending on your relationship and what you hope to explore, we’ll be able to find your perfect time and location to elope in Oregon!!  No worries on figuring out what to pack, though.  We provide all of our couples with a personalized packing list to be sure they have adequate gear for their Oregon elopement no matter what time of year!  We’ll be stoked to guide you to elope in Oregon with ease!

What time of day you should elope in Oregon:

For portrait’s sake, lighting is always the best the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.  However, you’re probably not choosing to elope in Oregon just for the pics (but trust me, they’re coming!).  Your wedding day will have a lot of elements involved: your ceremony, quality time, photos, food, maybe some adventurous activities, you name it.  When you elope in Oregon, it becomes a full-day experience where you get to commit to one another.  We’ll work together to structure your elopement timeline so everything fits seamlessly for the best Oregon elopement experience!  That may involve some early wake up calls or hiking in the dark for a bit, but that only adds to the elope in Oregon experience!

Oregon Elopement Packages

Woah nelly, that was a lot of good info!!  But we’ve got even more coming your way!  Let’s look at some elopement packages so you can hire a photographer to help you through this big process (AKA us!!)!


Oregon Elopement Packages

As traveling elopement photographers, we (my cutie hubs and I) offer elopement packages anywhere, but we especially love the state of Oregon!  Here is our most basic Oregon elopement package that will apply to all of the best places to elope in Oregon!

includes all Oregon elopement locations

6 hours of elopement photography with 2 professional photographers

unlimited planning assistance

personalized full vendor referall list (so you hire folks you can trust)

elopement timeline assistance and drafting

unlimited, online high resolution gallery

ceremony officiant included

permit assistance if applicable

personalized elopement location scouting and referal list

personalized packing list

online, personalized print store for your gallery

print credit

all photographer permit and travel fees included

All of this included starts at $3500 for your Oregon elopement!!  This is our basic half day package with two photographers, but we’d love to chat more about what package may be perfect for you!!  Contact us by hitting the contact button below, and we’ll start chatting about your California elopement in one of these stellar locations!  

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