Best Winter Elopement Locations for 2022


Best Winter Elopement Locations in 2022

The Best Winter Elopement Locations for the snow bunnies or desert junkies!


You’re looking to elope and wondering what are the best winter elopement locations!  Elopements are already a bit unique, but let’s add another layer onto that and find your perfect spot to elope in the winter!  We’ll cover why winter elopements should be a serious contender for your wedding day as well as the best winter elopement locations in warm and cold climates!  Stick around for inspirational ideas on what to do and our best winter elopement locations photography packages!

As an elopement photographer who grew up in the deep south, winter is a foreign concept!  It’s just the time of year that the temperature breaks…. But winter is so much more than that!  Winter is a great time to elope for a few reasons!  Let’s break down why so we can look at the best winter elopement locations for you specifically!


Best Winter Elopement Locations Perks!

    • You love winter weather and the alternate outdoor activities!  You won’t be able to ski or snowshoe during your elopement in the summer, but that changes when you choose one of these best winter elopement locations!  Or maybe you’re from a high elevation area and you know all the perks of winter weather–white. everywhere. Everything is clean, simple, and peaceful in the weight of a new snowfall.  What could be more peaceful during your winter elopement than snowshoeing across your favorite trail and hearing a white hare hopping across the new snow?  You might be interested in the best winter elopement locations because the beauty and outdoors activities of snow get you pumped for your wedding day!  As you find out, how does an elopement ceremony work, you’ll see a winter elopement ceremony brings its own special brand of peacefulness!
    • You don’t like stereotypical winter weather, but you know warmer locations are easier to elope at during this season!  If you’re like me, winter just means the temperature finally cools down and becomes pleasant!  A major perk of eloping in the winter is the ability to follow milder temperatures and better weather conditions to some of the most gorgeous elopement locations in the US.  For example, the southwest has some of the best winter elopement locations that are not nearly as pleasurable during the summer as the temps are just truly too hot.  The winter offers your elopement a weather break, and we think couples choosing the winter for your elopement is showing their expertise as an elopement pro!
  • You’ve found traveling in general to be most cost effective in the winter, so eloping must be more cost effective during the winter as well!  You’d be right on this one too!  The costs of lodging, food, etc. goes down in the winter especially in warmer destinations making these best winter elopement locations high on the list for folks with financial goals.  What might cost $4k during the summer for a week’s vacation could be cut in half by lodging prices along during the winter months at your best winter elopement locations.  If you’re asking, “how much does it cost to elope in the winter?” simply, put–it’s less expensive than the high season in the summer! <3
  • You value your privacy, and you know crowds are way less at some of the best winter elopement locations!  If you’re a shoulder season or off season traveler then you have my whole heart!  I am always encouraging our eloping couples to choose shoulder seasons or off season for their desired elopement location if possible so they can truly have the privacy they’re looking for.  You deserve to have the ability to be completely vulnerable during your elopement experience, and the crowds of summer will not allow privacy as well as some of these best winter elopement locations.
  • Lastly, maybe you’ve been affected by the current pandemic and want to plan an elopement ASAP but can’t make it happen until the winter season.  First I want to express my deepest care for you if you’ve been affected by this pandemic, and it has caused your wedding to be postponed or cancelled!  If you’re thinking through eloping as a result, though, we know you’re on the right path!  We’ve had countless couples drop their big wedding and opt for a winter elopement at some of these best winter elopement locations because they know what truly matters is getting married to the one they love.  As elopement photographers and guides, we’re here to guide you through the eloping process, and we can’t wait to show you these best winter elopement locations!


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Maybe none of these are your reasons for searching out the best winter elopement locations, and that’s okay too!  Eloping couples have all kinds of reasons, and we’d love to hear about it!  We’d love to guide you through the experience, help you plan, and cheer you on the entire way while showing you how to elopeContact us to get started planning your elopement!

But let’s keep going and check out the best winter elopement locations for cold weather first!  Then we’ll check out the best winter elopement locations if you’re looking for warmth!



The best winter elopement locations for cold weather:

If you’re looking for a winter wonderland elopement experience, look no further than these winter elopement locations!

  • Loveland Pass, Colorado | Loveland Pass is one of the best winter elopement locations due to its ease of access!  The road is always cleared (unless there is an unexpected blizzard), so you’ll have no issues getting to your location.  It’s also great for bringing along guests as the views of Loveland Pass are an easy walk from the car.  Loveland Pass is also in close proximity to winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and our favorite winter activity–hot chocolate next to a roaring fire in a ski lodge. 🙂  It also should be noted Colorado has so many spots like Loveland Pass that are gorgeous and easily accessible!  We’d love to chat if you’re interested in a Colorado winter elopement!
  • Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming | The Tetons are no stranger to winter elopements as these jagged peaks pop up across the horizon from almost every angle outside of the park.  The main town near the Tetons is Jackson Hole, and Jackson Hole is truly a hip town for 25-40 year olds looking for a vibrant community!  The culture is artsy, and there are so many upscale and health conscious restaurants you’ll have plenty to observe and do after your elopement.  These winter peaks cannot be matched and should be very high in your consideration of the best winter elopement locations for your snowy winter elopement!
  • Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon |  This national forest makes our list for the best winter elopement locations because of two words: frozen. waterfalls.  If you want the drama of huge frozen falls behind you in your photos, this would be a great choice as these falls are only a snowshoe adventure away!  Not to mention the gorgeous woods involved in this snowshoe experience!  Oregon also has plenty of trendy city-life activities to do as well once you’ve had enough of the cold, and there is always the option of venturing to the coast to adventure as well!  The Oregon coast would be a stellar place to continue to adventure and is definitely an options as one of the best winter elopement locations too!

All of these will get your winter wonderland theme going, but we know you might want to be toasty on your elopement day too!  So let’s check out the best winter elopement locations if you’re looking for some heat!

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The best winter elopement locations for warm weather:

These locations range from actually warm to simply not snowy, so we’d love to help you dig a bit further into these locations if you’re interested!  Let’s get going on the best winter elopement locations for warm weather.

  • Kauai, Hawaii | Eloping in the winter in Kauai will give you all the warm fuzzies as you snuggle up against dramatic green cliffs in Hawaii!  The temps rarely dip below the 70’s in the winter in Hawaii, and BONUS: the winter is the best time for whale watching in Kauai.  You’ll find no weather restrictions on your bucket list for Hawaii trails as snow is a no-go!  Kauai is also most beautifully traveled by helicopter, so booking a heli tour would be a great way to celebrate your winter elopement in Hawaii!
  • Arches National Park, Utah | Arches National Park makes the list of the best winter elopement locations, because we couldn’t resist giving you the opportunity to elope in the winter featuring a snow-covered red rock horizon!  It’s always a strange feeling to see snow sweetly blanket what would otherwise be considered a desert climate, but that’s what makes it all the more beautiful!  If the snow hasn’t arrived yet during your winter elopement in Arches National Park, it’ll still be drop dead gorgeous!  This winter elopement location is also great for bringing guests along for a short walk to your beautiful elopement location.   
  • Joshua Tree National Park, California | Joshua Tree makes our list of the best winter elopement locations because of the unique landscape paired with the perfect winter temperatures!  The temps range from 40-60 degrees in the winter which is perfect for staying warm in your elopement dress and a comfy suit!  There is so much to explore in Joshua Tree, and the countless trails add so much to your elopement experience by offering a dramatic variety of landscapes!  Joshua Tree also has some of the trendiest and eco-friendly airbnbs nearby that would make for a perfect honeymoon situation at your Airbnb elopement!

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If you decide to look further into these winter elopement locations, we’d love to hear about your research!!  Feel free to contact us about your elopement and check out our elopement packages!  We’d love to help you plan every detail and get some stellar photos too!

Let us know by leaving a comment-which of the best winter elopement locations looks best to you?

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Winter Elopement Photography Packages

Oh, man.  As elopement photographers we get so stoked helping couples plan their elopement day from the first point of contact all the way through until you’re living out your most perfect elopement day!!  We travel across the US for elopements and especially love couples choosing the winter for their elopement!

Our packages range from half day (6 hours) all the way up to a 3 day adventure!  Below we’ll showcase our starting package so you can get a feel for what we love to offer our eloping couples!

includes all US elopement locations

8 hours of elopement photography with 2 professional photographers

unlimited planning assistance

personalized full vendor referall list (so you hire folks you can trust)

elopement timeline assistance and drafting

unlimited, online high resolution gallery

ceremony officiant included (in a compliant state)

permit assistance if applicable

personalized elopement location scouting and referal list

personalized packing list

online, personalized print store for your gallery

print credit

all photographer permit and travel fees included

All of this totals to $5500 for your elopement at one of these best winter elopement locations!!  This is one of our beginner packages with 8 hours and 2 photographers, but we’d also be stoked to give you some more options!  Contact us about photographing your elopement!


Meanwhile, here are some planning resources that our couples find so helpful as they think through and plan their winter elopement:

Airbnb Elopement & How to Plan Yours | Because you might want a venue feel for your winter elopement but still want to be in the great outdoors!

Eloping in Montana | For the Ultimate How To & Location Guide for Montana elopements!

How to Elope | So you can have a checklist and guide while we plan together!

Our Elopement Packages | Because it’s time to check out your real options for eloping in one of these beautiful spots!



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We’d love to help in any way you can, so check out our other free planning resources or send us an email by hitting contact! We’d love to hop on the phone and see what you’re envisioning for your elopement day.

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