Airbnb Elopement — How to plan your Airbnb Elopement with All the Answers and Zero Stress


Airbnb Elopement | & How to Plan Yours!

You’re eloping, but you might need that venue feel too. What better way to elope AND have a bangin’ venue than to plan an adventurous Airbnb Elopement?

You are not alone. SO (and I mean) SO many couples are looking to elope and create a meaningful, authentic, and creative experience for their wedding day, but they need somewhere to stay, somewhere to have their ceremony, and somewhere to gather with their teeny tiny guest list. An Airbnb elopement can do just that.

As elopement photographers, planners, officiants, and listening ears, we have so many couples plan their own Airbnb elopement that we thought we’d put together this resource on how to plan your Airbnb elopement! Here you’ll find tips, questions to consider, and even some swanky bnb’s for inspiration! Be sure to stick around for our Airbnb elopement package details below!

But first, let’s look at some perks of an Airbnb elopement:

  • The accommodation possibilities are endless. There are tiny houses, tree houses, glamping spots, yurts, shipping container homes, expansive cabins, omg I’m getting excitedly overwhelmed just thinking about how many amazingly unique types of Airbnbs you could get married or celebrate at!! It’s really astonishing! You would be hard pressed to find wedding venues or reception halls as unique as these.

  • You’re dealing with real people as owners, not business employees. My couples are always overly impressed with the hospitality and thoughtfulness of their Airbnb’s owners—especially when the owner knows you are there to get married or renting their place to stay at while you’ll be out in the day time hopping across mountain tops to say your vows. On a similar note, owners want so badly to serve you well with local insights on things like where to eat, adventurous activities, and so much more. They are speedy in their responses to messages, and often, things are much more casual which is way less stressful than formulating professional emails back and forth.

  • You can book an amazing place while keeping your budget in tact. Even some of the raddest (lol is that a word?) Airbnbs cost a fraction of what a wedding venue would cost, and they are often much more personalized to your needs! You can easily adjust your budget when searching to find an awesome spot and know that you will likely find just what you are looking for.

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Step One—Where are you eloping? This will help you choose the right vibe for your airbnb elopement.

Are you choosing a sweet Airbnb first? Or a location first? A lot of couples wanting more of that homey and adventurey vibe simply scour their Airbnb app for ah-mazing spots and then decide where they’re eloping around what bnb they choose. Others know they want to elope outdoors but really want an amazing place to stay and potentially house their guests as well. We always recommend our couples to choose their location for eloping first—and then choose your Airbnb.

The good news is that property owners are catching onto the “super cool Airbnb trend” and making their properties unique with amazing features. A decade ago, odds are you could not have found a yurt with a hot tub in your google search. Now we swipe on over to our Airbnb app and find dozens of yurts with hot tubs just in one 50 mile radius.

You are much more likely to find an amazing Airbnb at a location you love than to find an Airbnb you love and work your elopement around that.

For example, there are so many amazing amazing Airbnbs near Glacier National Park, so we put together a Glacier National Park Elopement 5 Step Guide It’s a great option for an Airbnb Elopement! Our Eloping in Montana Guide has dozens of Airbnbs listed near adventurous locations for your Airbnb elopement!

And here’s a pro-tip for step one: hire your elopement photographer while (or before) you are brainstorming elopement locations. We will truly be a bottomless pit (in a positive way haha) of resources and information. We will know or have the resources to determine the best locations for what you want. We are also experienced with alternative wedding day experiences, so we have experience in Airbnb elopements!!! We will be your encourager, co-planner, and listening ear. In fact, we’d love to be that for you!! We have so. much. experience. in helping couples plan their Airbnb adventurous elopements. Let’s hop on a call, and see if we’re a good fit to be your photographers, co-planners, and so much more.

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Step Two—How do you want to spend your time during your airbnb elopement?

So many Airbnb’s have unique features like a hammock that can hold 46 people, a water slide, a rooftop observatory, water sport equipment, and soooooo much. Consider how you want to spend your time before and after you’re saying your vows at your airbnb elopement. Give special thought to this especially if you are bringing a few guests along. How do you want them to spend their time? Will they be joining you at your spot? Or just hanging out at the ceremony time and heading back home? Be sure you are booking a spot that has great potential for you and your boo to do meaningful things as well as your guests if you are bringing any to your airbnb elopement.

We’ll brag on Glacier National Park in Montana again! It has everything you could want in outdoor activities from hiking to paddle boarding to kayaking to ice climbing to glacier swims, etc. There is so much adventure to be had there especially when you know the best time to go to Glacier National Park!

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Step Three—Be sure your Airbnb is “suitable for events” for your Airbnb elopement.

In your filter options, you will find a toggle switch saying, “suitable for events.” Be sure this is switched on so you are only looking at Airbnb’s with event experience. More than the needed experience, the Airbnb must follow state laws and regulations for hosting events such as weddings so you want to be sure they are capable of legally holding your wedding there if that is your desired ceremony spot. But what if you find an Airbnb you love in an amazing location that isn’t suitable for events? Have no fear, ma’am!!! When our couples do this, we simply find a spot on public lands for them to have their ceremony. Often times our couples are eloping at a National Park, so we help them get the proper permitting to have their ceremony on public lands, and then we retreat to their unique Airbnb to celebrate with fam. This is how the majority of our eloping couples navigate eloping on public lands with a small guest list. While there are laws on ceremony regulations, there are not celebration laws—so you can have your ceremony on public lands and use that sweet Airbnb to celebrate!!

Step Four—Send a message to your Airbnb’s owner just to be sure about your Airbnb elopement.

Nothing could be worse than to have the elopement of your dreams at an astounding Airbnb that means so much to you as a couple and then realize you actually broke the law in using it. To keep this from happening, we always recommend message the owner and sending this exact message:

Hi!!! I’m Des!! My fiance and I are wanting to elope at a nearby National Park, and we are in love with your AirBnB property!! We saw it was suitable for events, but we wanted to check with you and be sure! Would you mind answering these questions for us before we book?

1) Is your property eligible to hold wedding ceremonies?

2) Are there are restrictions against typical wedding vendors like photographers, caterers, florists, etc. from setting up and working within your property?

3) Has anyone eloped at your property before? We would love to hear about their experience!

4) If we elope on public lands nearby, can we host our small celebration at your property?

Thank you so much for your time!!! We look forward to hearing from you!

This message clearly states your intentions, and puts the owner responsible for answering the questions honestly. This will also give you insight as to if the property owner is experienced and comfortable in hosting your ceremony or post-ceremony celebration. You will feel at-ease when hearing directly from the owner that they are legally eligible AND experienced in offering amazing airbnb elopement experiences for couples like you!


Step 5—Book your Airbnb and remaining vendors for your Airbnb elopement!! <3

YESSSSS!!! You are so. friggin. close. to the airbnb elopement of your dreams!!! You’ve booked your photographer, your Airbnb, and now you are determining which other vendors you will need for your big day! Here are some questions to ask to determine which vendors you will need?

  • Will I want to do my own hair and makeup? You may need a hair and makeup artist.

  • Am I formally inviting guests, having an official celebration, or needing any decor materials? You may need to hire a designer or calligrapher.

  • Do I need a bridal bouquet, boutonniere, decor florals, etc.? You may need a florist.

  • Do I want to celebrate with cake for my boo & I or for our guests? You may need a baker.

  • Do I want to celebrate with yummy food for us or my guests? You may need a personal chef or caterer.

This might seem a bit stressful—just adding vendor after vendor to your experience. We can assure you it doesn’t have to be. We LOVE (LOVE) helping couples find their vendors for their adventurous elopements. We keep a running list of vendors we recommend in places our couples often elope. And guess what: if you’re eloping somewhere we’ve never been, then we construct a personalized vendor list for you! That’s right, we research the best vendors in the area and hand deliver their contact info to you so you can reach out and book right away. Zero stress. Just excitement! <3

Step 6—Show up your Airbnb and ROCK YOUR AIRBNB ELOPEMENT!

Show up to your Airbnb elopement location in love, carefree, and pumped to see all your planning come together into the most meaningful, authentic, and creative way possible. We believe wedding days like this are truly the only way to wed where you can be heard, accepted, and loved just as you are. We believe in creating days like these so much, we’d love to chat with you to see what you’re envisioning for your elopement day! We know it will be amazing, and we can’t wait to cheer you on! As always, comment and let us know what you’re digging from this blog! <3 Can’t wait to chat with ya!

Choose from our options of Airbnb Elopement Packages

Choosing the perfect package for your Airbnb elopement can be simple!! As elopement photographers, planning assitants, and officiants, we’ll be thrilled for you to check out our most popular Airbnb elopement packages!

Here are our 2 most popular Airbnb elopement packages:

includes all lower 48 states as location option

6 hours of elopement photography with 2 professional photographers

unlimited planning assistance

personalized full vendor referall list (so you hire folks you can trust)

elopement timeline assistance and drafting

unlimited, online high resolution gallery

ceremony officiant included in compliant states

special use permit assistance if applicable

personalized elopement location scouting and referal list

personalized packing list

online, personalized print store for your gallery

print credit

all photographer permit and travel fees included

All of this begins at $3500 for your Airbnb elopement, and we’ll be stoked to chat about your day!

Last but not least, here are some more resources that might be helpful as you plan your Airbnb elopement!

How to Elope | For if you need to get into the nitty gritty of planning your elopement anywhere!

Best Winter Elopement Locations | With warm & cold locations for 2020

Lastly, our Elopement Packages | So we can start co-creating your elopement day and get some stellar photos in the process!

Hey, it’s us!

We’re Des & Dan! Husband & wife elopement photographers, planners, and officiants! We help couples like you create elopement days full of meaningful details, authentic moments, and creative experiences because we believe you deserve a wedding day where you are truly heard—a wedding day you can truly remember.

We’d love to help in any way you can, so check out our other free planning resources or send us an email by hitting contact! We’d love to hop on the phone and see what you’re envisioning for your elopement day.

You deserve this.

Des & Dan


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