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Montana Wedding Vendors Guide for your Montana Elopement

I’m Des!! A Montana Elopement photographer who knows the feeling of uncertainty in planning a wedding. That’s why I’m passionate about helping my couples find their dream vendors with ease when eloping in Montana. Usually couples book photographers before any other vendors, and we LOVE getting to steer couples to other vendors we know that provide the right type of experience for eloping couples—vendors who understand you, want to serve you, and become lifelong advocates for you. I know, I know, finding vendors in a far away place can be intimidating, so I want to put together a Montana Wedding Vendors Guide for your Montana wedding. You won’t regret eloping in Montana or hiring any of these Montana wedding vendors. Here’s your path to feeling confident in vendor selection to create a wedding day full of comfort, playfulness, and (last but not least) adventure! And here’s a bonus just to be sweet: all of these vendors are within reach of Glacier National Park! So if you’re eloping in Glacier Park, check out our Glacier National Park Elopement Guide for the skinny on EXACTLY how to plan your wedding day to be full of adventure and meaning! And if you haven’t nailed down who you’re using to photograph your elopement day, we’d love to chat and help you put together your craze-mazing vendor team too!

FAQ: What Montana wedding vendors do I actually need for an elopement?

Here’s the simple answer: as many or as few Montana wedding vendors as you would like. The more detailed answer is soon to come. 🙂 Elopements give you the option to craft your day to be full of meaning, and every decision you make needs to go through that filter: “Does this add meaning to my wedding day? or fluff?” Only you get to decide. We have seen couples who show up in their wedding attire with vows written on notebook paper and have the most stunningly intimate day. We’ve also seen coupes eloping with 20+ vendors to contribute from calligraphers, designers, chefs, adventure guides, etc. So for our list, we’ll give you extensive options and let you be the decider on if these vendors add true meaning to your specific day. Our Montana elopement packages seek to give you enough time in your elopement experience to incorporate as many or as few vendors as you need, and we will be here to cheer you on into confidence no matter your vendor decisions. <3 So here we go! Let’s dive into your extensive list of elopement in Montana vendors!!

Montana Wedding Vendors: Choosing your Montana Elopement Photographer

Trust me when I say we’re not putting photographers first because we’re photographers.  We’ve seen first hand from our own botched wedding photos that making the decision on your Montana wedding photographer is a decision that cannot be undone.  It is of the utmost importance.  We will never be able to get those photos back, and it is the most regretted wedding decision we made.  We don’t ever want couples to make that mistake, so here’s what we offer as Montana wedding vendors.

Montana Wedding Photography Packages

Here is our most popular all-inclusive photography package:

includes all Montana elopement locations

10 hours of photography coverage

2 professional photographers

ceremony officiant

bridal bouquet from one our trusted floral partners

wedding cake or desert from one of our local favorite spots

on-site charcuterie picnic

on-site celebratory beverage of your choice

unlimited planning consultations

travel planning assistance

elopement timeline assistance

personalized packing list

permit assistance

elopement location scouting and personalized location guide

all photographer travel and permit fees included


All this can be a part of your Montana wedding day, and we’ll be stoked in guiding you through it.  We’re more than photographers, we’re your cheerleaders, guides, wedding day bff’s, and wedding experts (and we mean *experts*) so you don’t have to stress over planning your Montana wedding.  Contact us to chat about your Montana wedding day and these photography packages!!

Floral Designer for your elopement in Montana: Mum’s Flowers

Here’s what we love about Mum’s Flowers! They are located in Whitefish and have vast experience in creating florals for eloping couples in Glacier National Park and are pro Montana wedding vendors.  They are 100% female owned and operated and are KILLING the floral game. Also—they are as sweet as pie.

Something unique about Mum’s Flowers is that they provide couples with an “A La Carte Menu!” for their floral needs. Here’s what they have to say about this awesome perk of working with them:

Our A La Carte program is our one-stop-shop for ordering gorgeous wedding florals online. We have streamlined the process to make flower ordering fun, simple and affordable! All you need to do is simply choose from one of our 6 beautiful color palettes, add items to your cart, place your order online, and we do the rest! No contracts, consultations or minimums required. All we ask is that you order at least 2 weeks before their wedding date. You may pick up the flowers at our shop or have them delivered at an additional fee.

And because they want to bring uniqueness to your florals (because we all know you deserve it!!), they suggest leaving them some notes as to any variation you want from emphasizing a specific color in the palette to types of flowers you are drawn to! These ladies are going to inspire confidence in your decisions AND provide you with unique and gorgeous florals that are insta-worthy.  They are truly one of our favorite Montana wedding vendors of all time.

Their bridal bouquets start at $200! Which is an amazing amount to spend on the most meaningful floral arrangement of your life.

Here’s their info:

Mum’s Flowers

520 2nd St. E Whitefish, MT 59937

(406) 862-2757


Hair and Makeup Artist for your elopement in Montana: Ty Nycole

Just because you’re running around exploring on your wedding day doesn’t mean you don’t wanna look fly, right? You will likely choose to have a hair and makeup artist who’s willing to brave early mornings with you to get your hair and makeup flawless before you hit the trail—one who understands adventurous elopements and has vast experience specifically in helping couples glam up for their earthy and natural wedding day. Ty Nycole does just this and understands exactly what her couples need. She even equips you with extra tips on how to manage upkeep of your hair and makeup throughout your adventure. Ty is truly what we could consider a pro in the Montana wedding vendors sphere!

Ty Nycole is based in Flathead Valley and is frequently eloping couples “go-to” when choosing a hair and makeup artist. We are overly impressed with her portfolio and attention to detail in portraying the vibe of her clients through hair and makeup.

Here’s their info:

Ty Nycole

1250 Baker Ave Whitefish, MT Ste 201 Whitefish, MT 59937

(406) 534-9055


Cake Baker for your elopement in Montana: Fleur Bake Shop

There is so much to love about this Whitefish located bake shop and the possibility of them being one of your Montana wedding vendors! It’s critical to find some YUMMY cake for your big day of course, but what really sets Fleur Bake Shop apart is Whitney Brien’s expertise in all things baking. Her shop not only has wedding cakes but different types of cakes, breads, pastries, sweets, and even pizza!! So if you’re looking for a bake shop that can give you goodies to eat and snack throughout the entirety of your elopement experience at Glacier National Park, Fleur Bake Shop is the way to go!! Also to note, Whitney seeks to emphasize local ingredients as much as possible while making every item from scratch so you’re supporting the local economy of a gorgeous place by fulling your tummies with deliciousness.

Her wedding cakes come at $6.50 per serving, and she also does wedding cupcakes ranging from $36-$42/dozen!

Here’s their info:

Fleur Bake Shop

103 Central Avenue Whitefish, Montana

(406) 730-8486


Videographer for your elopement in Montana: Acts of Adventure

You’ve got photography covered with us, but we also love when couples include videographers into their wedding day vendor dream team! Videographers brings so much value to an elopement day as it captures your wedding day in a documentary fashion and gives you an easy way to share your wedding day with family and friends who could not be present on your elopement day.

Acts of Adventure is owned by a couple of wildly in love travelers who specialize in capturing adventurous couples and would love to be one of your Montana wedding vendors. Owned by Connor + Alix, Acts of Adventure will rock your sox off as they preserve all your memories in a way that reflects who you are as a couple. Their style is honest and organic, and they would make a great addition to your elopement experience as your traverse trails and ridge run.

Here’s their info:

Acts of Adventure

Their van bc #vanlife

(720) 239-2562


Adventure Guides for your elopement in Montana:

When it came to choosing adventure guides, we couldn’t choose just one!! So we will list a few here to get your creative juices pumping in creating a meaningful elopement day with just the right amount of adventure. Bruh, it’s going to be. so. rad!!

Rock climbing at Stone Hill National Recreation area in Eureka, Montana:

Using Rock Climb Montana for their rock climbing tours is always a good move to add adventure to your elopement experience. While many of their rock climbing sites are not located in Glacier Park, they are within a couple hours from Whitefish and an easy day trip. We love that Rock Climb Montana is beginner and expert friendly! They provide lessons, safety gear, and transportation from Whitefish based upon your need 🙂 They serve 3 major rock climbing sites in Northwest Montana and are experienced hosting adventurous couples. This is a great activity to add for a secondary day of your elopement, and we’ll be on the ropes with you getting all those dope pics we are sure to need!

Kayaking, Rafting, Biking, Paddle Boarding, and other safety gear within Glacier National Park:

There are so many amazing ways to take in Glacier Park whether on the water or on trails, and Glacier Outfitters has all the amenities and adventure gear for rent that you could possible need for your adventure elopement in Glacier National Park. This is where you will need to rent your bear spray from if you are flying into Glacier Park as bear spray cannot travel on airlines, and bear spray is an absolute necessity in Glacier National Park for each person to possess.

While it’s true doing water sports on Lake McDonald is always gorgeous, Dan and I love that Glacier Outfitters offers the option of a pack raft—a raft you can carry with you on the trail for 24 hours at a time so you may raft somewhere more secluded. Dan and I have a ton of experience in pack rafting and hiking with the extra weight, so if you’re considering this option—have no fear! We’ve got all the tips to help make it an enjoyable addition to your hike and elopement experience!

Helicopter tours of Glacier Park so you can see those glaciers and peaks from a new vantage point:

Almost anyone can check out scenic views from high traffic trails, but sometimes we need a different perspective for your elopement experience. Glacier National Park has 26 active glaciers, and it is predicted that all glaciers will be nonexistent by 2030. Not all glaciers are reachable by foot, but all glaciers are visible from an aerial view! Check out all 26 active glaciers from the sky before they are gone with Kruger Helicopters.

Some more thoughts to consider when choosing Montana wedding vendors for your elopement:

When helping couples plan their timeline for their adventurous elopement in Montana, we ask you 3 questions to help determine the shape your day should take:

  1. What do you enjoy doing individually and 100% alone?

  2. What do you enjoy doing together that brings you peace and joy?

  3. What cause are you both passionate about?

We use the answers to these 3 questions to help you find activities that reflect each one and insert those into your wedding day, so if you are both passionate about your faith, for example, then we might help find an artist to paint your ceremony site with an inscription from your favorite passage from your faith’s scripture. If you’re passionate about mentoring at-risk teens, then we might find a vendor that can help you make that a part of your elopement experience—even if it might have to be extra-creative and virtual! There is a vendor for almost anything you want to infuse your day with to make it meaningful and purposeful. There is something so special about being flexible and intentional about your elopement day activities and vendors.

You’ve got your dream team now!

Feel free to use any of the above links to reach out to these vendors or get in touch with us and let us help you choose with vendors you need most! We’re stoked to help couples find vendors they relate to, because it is about so much more than someone providing a service. It’s about finding a vendor who understands you and is passionate about your wedding day like we are.

We’re passionate about your wedding day, because we believe eloping really is the best way to marry so you can commit yourselves to one another in a way that brings you mental peace. You know that feeling you get on a hike where you stop, inhale deeply, and squint to look over the views? You know that flood of peace that rushes over you as the world instantly simplifies? We believe your wedding day should bring you that same feeling, so let’s chat about your elopement day and make it happen!

eloping couple at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

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Hey, it’s us!

We’re Des & Dan! Husband & wife elopement photographers, planners, and officiants! We help couples like you create elopement days full of meaningful details, authentic moments, and creative experiences because we believe you deserve a wedding day where you are truly heard—a wedding day you can truly remember.

We’d love to help in any way you can, so check out our other free planning resources or send us an email by hitting contact! We’d love to hop on the phone and see what you’re envisioning for your elopement day.

You deserve this.

Des & Dan


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