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Perks of Choosing a Montana Destination Wedding

Spoiler alert: it’s quite simply the shiz.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day full of big views, romance, and fun with guests but no where near you seems to fit the bill.  That’s where we meet a lot of our couples hoping for a Montana destination wedding.  You’re not alone in realizing that the scenery of Montana is unmatched.  The ruggedness brings an intimacy only known in fairytales.  And let’s not forget those jaw-dropping experiences for your wedding guests!  If a Montana destination wedding is on your radar, let us show you with ease how to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams as we dive into the best Montana destination wedding regions, the best scenic wedding venues with and without lodging, the best Montana destination wedding vendors, and some FAQ’s you’ll be dying to know!  We’ll also be covering our most popular Montana destination wedding photography package so your first vendor will already by taken care of!

But who are we exactly?  We’re Des and Dan, Montana elopement photographers, specializing in all things Montana destination weddings from “just us” elopements with a few guests up to luxurious destination weddings with a guest list of up to 40 folks.  So now that we’ve gotten introductions out of the way, let’s hop to where it gets juicy!

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Here’s a quick list on

how to plan your Montana destination wedding

  1. Secure your photographer (yo, we hope it’s us!)

  2. Find your perfect region in the state

  3. Book your planner and venue side by side

  4. Book lodging and travel

  5. Secure florals, food, and detail vendors

  6. Show up ready to party and experience Montana’s beauty!

The best regions for your Montana destination wedding

Choosing your Montana destination wedding region is where the fun planning begins!  As experienced Montana wedding photographers we definitely have our opinions on the best regions in the state so let’s chat the top 3 regions and why you should choose one of them!


Glacier Country

Glacier Country is most likely what you think of when you think Montana destination wedding and for a good reason!  Glacier Country boasts views like Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, the Bitteroot Valley, and countless wilderness areas for you and your party to explore!  Choosing a destination wedding in Glacier Country is choosing the most epic and easily accessible views in the entire state.  Glacier Country is also set up for tourism like no other region so you can expect you and your guests to be well taken care of when it comes to hospitality.  Luxurious venues and lodging await with ease of travel as well.  This is our number one Montana destination wedding region to recommend, but let’s not spoil all the fun!  The other two regions we’re sharing aren’t so bad either. 😉

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Southwest Montana

Southwest Montana is home to tiny Montana towns and the sense of peace you’ll need for your Montana destination wedding!  Rolling landscapes, grasslands, and pristine waters rule this region giving you a sense of seclusion hard to find elsewhere.  If a priority for your Montana destination wedding is to truly escape and experience Montana as it once was–you’ll need to consider Southwest Montana.


Yellowstone Country

Have you ever watched Yellowstone?  Odds are you have, and it’s been a deciding factor in choosing a Montana destination wedding in the first place!  We find so many of our couples choosing this region for their wedding have done so after binging a season or two! 😉  Yellowstone Country of course borders Yellowstone National Park and is the region boasting the most variety and culture.  Here you’ll find those epic vistas you’re hoping for, but you can also find a lot more modern amenities and things to do.  Yellowstone Country is a great region to choose if you want guests to have options to branch out easily and find whatever makes their heart sing during and after your Montana destination wedding day. 

A quick quote

About our photography service:

“We cried when we got our images! They were absolutely breathtaking and 1000% us. We were SO blessed to have Des and Dan. They are so much more than photographers.” -S+K

Best Montana destination wedding venues with & without lodging by region

Best Montana Destination Wedding Venues in Glacier Country

  • Green Valley Ranch

  • White Raven

  • Jewel Basin Weddings

Best Montana Destination Wedding Venues in Yellowstone Country

  • Star M Barn

  • The Ranch at Rock Creek


Truth be told we’ve seen some amazing wedding days come to life!  We’ve also seen some that could’ve used a little more help when it came to their venue selection.  We have learned what is really valuable to our couples relating to their Montana destination wedding so we’ll be viewing these venues through those lenses: potential views, venue communication, and the venue’s experience at truly WOWING their couples.  To us it’s not just about how a venue looks (though that’s insanely important).  We know that your whole experience matters from your first email exchange all the way down to your relationship with that venue long after your wedding day.  Keeping all that in mind, let’s talk guests!

We thrive on wedding days full of meaningful details, family snuggles, and larger than life landscapes.  We’ve found that’s where a lot of couples thrive too!  Feel free to bring those guests along for your wedding and get some help navigating those logistics with us.

You may be hoping for a Montana destination wedding venue to whisk your guests away to for a long weekend!  Or your guests may prefer to find their own places to stay and show up for a day to the wildest wedding view they could have imagined.  Either way, we’ve got you covered with these Montana destination wedding venues by region.  We’ll cover their location, why they stand out, how far out they typically book, and a price range.  In the meantime, contact us to get started planning!

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Best Montana Destination Wedding Venues in Glacier Country with Lodging


Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch is located in West Glacier, Montana.  Does that town sound familiar to you?  It should as it is also where you will also find the entrance to the astounding Glacier National Park!  Within a 10 minute drive from some of the most infamous Montana views is nestled this family owned former homestead turned wedding and event venue.  With various ceremony and reception options paired with the ability to lodge 23 guests, you will find this private luxury venue a top Montana destination wedding venue!  Our favorite option, personally, their perfectly manicured lawn able to accommodate the area’s largest tents to house your celebration with those treasured guests.

Green Valley Ranch can be booked for your Montana destination wedding complete with all that lodging at $32k!  This means you’ll have 4 nights of private Glacier Country bliss awaiting you and your guests surrounding the events of your vows!  If you don’t quite need 4 nights and event space for you and your guests, Green Valley Ranch also has packages that accommodate different needs.  This Montana destination wedding venue books 10-12 months in advance so plan on reaching out as soon as possible to reserve your long weekend at this gorgeous ranch.

wedding photo at lake mcdonald

Anotha one

About our photography service:

“Des was so so so helpful! She provided us with so much information and made the experience & planning so effortless for us. Des is so much more than a photographer and planner, she is a friend. She makes you feel so comfortable and like you have known her for years.” -J+J

Best Montana Destination Wedding venues in Glacier Country with Lodging


White Raven

White Raven is located in Missoula, Montana (another personal fave of ours).  White Raven offers wedding packages with and without lodging so your Montana destination wedding dreams can become all-inclusive or you can let guests choosing lodging on their own.  White Raven stands out as they offer a completely private venue surrounded by 180 acres of Montana’s wilderness.  With big views and modern amenities, you and your guests could easily spend the entire wedding week here!  Should you choose to venture out you’ll find some of Montana’s most infamous views a quick drive as well.  White Raven is also open in the winter and can accommodate guests during your snowy Montana destination wedding.

When budgeting you’ll find this venue to range from $9k without lodging to $22k with lodging for your and your guests.  White Raven typically books a year out for their wedding dates, so let’s get in contact ASAP if you think this is your fit for your Montana destination wedding.

The deets on

our Montana destination wedding Photography package

You’re checking into Montana destination weddings, and honestly… we’ve got the keys to unlock its greatest potential.  We are a husband and wife photography team specializing in all things Montana, and we’d love to introduce you to our most popular photography package.

I promise we’re getting into venues, vendors, and the like but first:

The 2 Day Montana Destination wedding experience

Most of our couples choose 2 days to have ample time celebrating with their guests at their gorgeous venue (listed here no doubt) and still get a whole day dedicated to exploring Montana with just you two.  Of course we’ll be traipsing along trails, helping row your raft, or following along for whatever other adventure you choose to be a part of your Montana destination wedding!  You need more than a photographer.

You need artists.

And you need a team of professionals who geek out at Montana’s beauty the way you do.


What exactly comes with

our Montana destination wedding Photography package

We’re serious about this stuff.

We don’t leave you in the dark wondering what to do next, how to make your wedding day your own, or how to live your wedding day experience to the fullest.

So here’s a taste of what’s included in

your 2 Day Montana Destination wedding experience

  • Unlimited planning consultations
  • 2 full days of photography coverage
  • 2 professional photographers
  • Online, high res photo gallery
  • Timeline assistance
  • Lodging recommendations for you and guests
  • Wedding checklists
  • Travel packing lists
  • Personalized vendor recommendations

And that’s just a peek into how we serve ya!


Check this cool shiz out.

Here’s what eloping folks are saying about hiring us:

From the first conversation I had with Des I was at ease! When we began planning our intimate wedding, we were both lost on next steps and knew more about what we didn’t want than what we did. Des guided us through the whole planning process, and shared her expertise on picking the perfect location, creating a detailed timeline, and directing us to reliable and proven vendors. She made sure to understand what was important to us and help us incorporate our priorities into every part of the day. Most importantly, Des and Dan took incredible photos that captured every detail while hyping us up and making us feel comfortable the whole time. With Des you get a photographer, wedding planner, and someone who is willing to go to extreme lengths to make your vision a reality.

-Erin & Jake


Best Montana Destination Wedding Venues in Glacier Country without Lodging


Jewel Basin Weddings

Jewel Basin Weddings can be found nestled in the evergreens along the Jewel Basin (our favorite region to hike in the Flathead Valley).  While the owners may not consider themselves luxurious in the traditional sense, there is no denying the luxury that comes with having your own private, scenic venue to enjoy with guests.  Jewel Basin Weddings is located 45 minutes from Glacier National Park and Whitefish making it a centralized location with a unique touch.  This Montana destination wedding venue retains the personal touch of Montana locals that you’ll need when hoping for quick and personalized service.  Their owners are quick to share their favorite local experiences for you and your guests as if you’re long-time friends.  

Jewel Basin Weddings can be booked for the weekend with a current rate of $4500 from June through October.  Expect for Jewel Basin Weddings to be booked a year in advance, and they are open for tours year round if you need to place an eye before making your final Montana destination wedding venue decision.  This is the perfect Montana destination wedding venue for low-key, introverted couples hoping to get big views with no crowds.

Best Montana Destination Wedding Venues in Yellowstone Country without Lodging


Star M Barn

Star M Barn is a historic venue boasting huge views of the Bridger Range!  Located within 10 minutes of the Bozeman airport, you’ll find ease of access coming in and out of this gothic era inspired barn for your and your Montana destination wedding guests.  This venue continues to hold onto a rustic elegance with plenty of casual settings for you to enjoy with your guests.  You can gather around the firepit and sip or party it up on their wooden deck turned dance floor!

Star M Barn can be booked out up to 2 wedding seasons in advance so you’ll need to do some long range planning to snag a Montana destination wedding date here!  Understandably so as this venue gives access to you and your guests the day before, the day of, and the day after starting at $6500.  Star M Barn also encourages their Montana destination couples to book any vendors at their leisure (i.e. your wedding is a clean slate for you to dream and bring in any vendor team you desire instead of working off of approved vendor lists).  So bring us in for photography and let us help you find those other vendors to make your heart sing at the Star M Barn!


Best Southwest Montana Destination Wedding Venues with Lodging


The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek is located in Philipsburg, Montana and is considered to be a luxury ranch wedding and event venue.  The Ranch at Rock Creek stands out as among the rest due to their ability to put together curated wedding moments and details for busy folks.  This venue excels at taking your vision and running with it to ensure your Montana destination wedding results in a day that is truly reflective of you.

For us personally, we are floored at the venue’s ability to house, wow, and entertain you and your guests for the entirety of your experience.  With on-site dining, a spa, and countless outdoor activities, you can truly create a week’s worth of Montana memories for yourself and guests.  Their team and their ranch ambassadors will ensure no one is left wanting for a great experience!

Elopements and weddings range in cost from $10k-$25k and can book a year or two out from your date.  Smaller elopements have much more flexibility and be booked in as little as 60 days out.  However, keep in mind this is subject to room availability so you’ll want to book as soon as possible.

Let’s hear it again!

Here’s what eloping folks are saying about hiring us:

couple photos at big bend glacier national park

We cannot say enough good things about Des and Dan. To put it as simply as we can – if we were to do our elopement all over again, they would be the absolute first call we made. If you read nothing else, I cannot think of a better endorsement than that. Now, if you want details…

Where do we start? When you hire Des, you get so much more than a photographer. She was incredibly thoughtful in how she approached our elopement and made it the perfect expression of us and our relationship. Within the first couple conversations, she was able to get a solid grasp on who we are as a couple and as people and what was important to us. From there, she laid out our options to help us select the best sites for our ceremony and photos (along with all of the permitting that goes with it), and then was able to work with us to create OUR perfect day. Des laid out the initial timeline for us, and then worked with us over the course of several months to make tweaks to it, making sure it was exactly what we wanted.


-Margaret & Mike

Montana destination wedding vendors to hire

Montana Destination Wedding Planners

Montana destination wedding planning is no task for the weak or those who are unfamiliar with Montana’s trusted vendors or timelines and coordination that work with your wildest wedding dreams.  Massive weddings (or even intimate weddings) with several vendors and specific visions can become a huge source of stress for couples when they are not equipped with an experienced planner.  As a rule of thumb, we encourage couples having more than 3 on-site vendors on their wedding day to hire a planner to help choose those vendors and coordinate between them all to ensure the day flows smoothly.  The value cannot be understated of having someone else to carry the burden making sure your vision is lived out in the least stressful way possible for your Montana destination wedding.  As such, we want to connect our Montana destination wedding couples with planners that we have seen rock folks’ faces off year after year when planning their wedding.

Montana Destination Wedding Floral Designers

What elevates your Montana destination wedding from cookie cutter to couture?  That’s right, babies.  Floral design.  Floral design is what takes every event and adds the luxury and personalization that cannot be found anywhere else.  Hiring the correct floral designer for your Montana destination wedding really means choosing your priorities.  Some considerations for hiring your designer is understanding their specialization, where their blooms are sourced from, and the extent of their planning assistance.  We’ve compiled our list of trusted Montana destination wedding floral designers who we know can wow you with their attention to detail and execution of your dreams.  Here are our most trusted Montana destination wedding floral designers!

Glacier Country Floral Designers


Flathead Farmworks

Flathead Farmworks is our top recommendation for floral designers in the Flathead Valley when looking for ethically and locally sourced designs!  Not to mention Flathead Farmworks in particular is up front concerning their core values and business practices.  You will fall in love with April’s designs upon meeting, but you’ll fall more in love with Flathead Farmworks as you work alongside one another for the duration of your Montana destination wedding planning period.  April boasts that every event is unique (as it should be) as she focuses on designing the flowers she can grow just a quick drive from your Flathead Valley wedding venue.  Flathead Farmworks designs are always sure to have interesting colors, textures, etc., that you won’t find elsewhere as April incorporates what some may call unexpected additions.  April advises her Montana destination wedding couples to get to know their vendors well to build trust and to be overly communicative concerning their vision and hopes.  Then she can run with creativity!

April and Flathead Farmworks typically book a year out for popular summer dates, but there is more flexibility in booking for weekdays and the spring and fall.

Yelllowstone Country Floral Designers



Florally is located in Bozeman, Montana and is considered the home of artists!  Connie, owner and lead designer, describes their designs as thoughtful, natural, and romantic.  Connie and her team seek to gather your story, grab inspiration from earth’s natural beauty, and translate those two into floral designs for your Montana destination wedding that truly symbolize the romance in your story.

Florally sources their blooms first from local farms in the Bozeman area.  When their designs require more to reach your specific vision, they will, however, source blooms first from the contiguous US and then anything needed internationally.  Florally advises their clients to trust the creative process when working alongside a floral designer as those weddings always turn out the most satisfactory for you and in regards to aesthetic!

For larger weddings Florally can book out as far as 18 months.  Smaller weddings and more flexible dates can be booked about 4 months out pending availability.

Last one, maybe

About our photography service:

“Not only are Des and Dan skilled in photography, but they also offer packages that assist in destination planning, vendors, location scouting, timelines, and packing lists. Having someone in your arsenal that serves a major purpose AND has endless knowledge of your event is priceless.” -M+B

One mo time!

Here’s what eloping folks are saying about hiring us:

couple photos at big bend glacier national park

Des and Dan truly made our wedding day perfect. When we started looking for a photographer for our elopement, we had a hard time finding someone whose pictures and editing style we loved. After looking through their portfolio, I immediately scheduled a consultation. From the first meeting, it felt like I had known Des for years with how personable she is. My husband and I knew we had found the perfect people to help us plan and spend our elopement day with. We didn’t know the area well, so all the guides and resources provided were a life saver! There was never a question we had that went unanswered, and the communication was always easy and quick. I am in love with every single one of our photos, and there are so many to look at! The final gallery tells the story of our wedding day, and we are so excited to be able to share them with our friends and family. We wouldn’t have been able to have the most amazing day without them!


-Rose & Ryan

Montana Destination Wedding Videographers

We believe your Montana destination wedding deserves to be documented to the fullest extent.  With our packages you’ll have 2 photographers, but you may find yourself in need of a videographer to round out the experience!  Videographers can add a lot of value to your day and the years after as you get to feel the nostalgia watching your film over and over again!

Finding the RIGHT videographer, however, cannot be overstated.  When choosing this vendor be sure it’s someone you vibe with… but also be sure they vibe with the creative process of your photographers.  It is always a good idea to get videographer recommendations from your photographer so you can be sure they will jive and make for the most pleasurable experience for you, your guests, and all on-site vendors.  That’s why we’ve chosen to showcase this videographer in particular found below. 🙂

Montana Destination Wedding Videographer


Evan Lanier at Livemore Weddings

Where do we even begin with Livemore Weddings?  After working with Evan the first time we KNEW he was the perfect videographer for couples that jive with our style and experience.  Evan is an adventurous soul too and is passionate about introducing couples to new places!  He truly thrives when seeing the wonder and awe from exploring somewhere new paired with the romance and emotion that comes with a wedding day.

Evan also has a 2 day package that fits BEAUTIFULLY with ours.  He encourages couples to book this package if you have a more “traditional” destination wedding so you can dedicate one day to a more traditional timeline and another to adventure somewhere new.

His biggest advice for couples hiring a Montana destination wedding videographer is to find someone you want to adventure with, find someone experienced in the environment, be flexible when living out your timeline, and don’t sacrifice the quality of film based on budget.

Evan books 6-12 months out so reach out now to get started working alongside him!

Montana Destination Wedding Caterers and Private Chefs

We’d be lying if we didn’t say this is selfishly one of our favorite parts of every Montana destination wedding–yummy FOOD!  Your dinner with guests is often what guests will be chatting about for months.  You’d think those epic mountain views, emotional vows, or stunning floral designs from floor to ceiling would capture their attention, but truly it’s their taste buds that have the potential to lead conversation.  Not to mention America has seen a serious uptick in food allergies and intolerances.  You’ll need trusted caterers and private chefs who can work with various menu options to ensure everyone’s meal is yummy and safe for them to consume.  These caterers and private chefs have experience working with different menus that will wow you and your guests and leave you wanting for more!

Paradise Valley Caterers


Sarah Faye at Faye’s Cafe

Sarah Faye has truly wowed us each time we have had the pleasure of working alongside her and her team.  Sarah is located in Paradise Valley and specializes in genuinely being an amazing human.  Is her food amazing?  That’s no doubt.  BUT what stands out to use about Sarah is the relationship she builds with her Montana destination wedding couples.  As a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, you’ll find your wedding menu to stand out as a reflection of who you are as a couple.  But it’s not all puppies and rainbows with Sarah… she has 18 years of experience in the catering industry and has truly developed her professional edge over the years.  Her experience paired with her ability to unleash foods particular to who you are makes her unmatched.  Sarah also is comfortable making allergy friendly foods you’ll be shocked can be safely eaten by all parties leaving everyone to enjoy your customized menu.

Sarah hand chooses the Montana destination wedding couples with which she works, so expect to reach out to Sarah one to two years in advance for summer weddings.  She loves to be a part of your entire wedding experience from catering your rehearsal dinner to reception all the way down to brunch the day after.  No doubt you won’t leave hungry or your taste buds dissatisfied.

For real this time

About our photography service:

“Des and Dan are everything you didn’t know you needed in wedding photographers! These two give 110% to helping you plan your day making sure you and your spouse feel totally comfortable, and being your personal cheerleaders through all of it! I really had no idea how the events of a wedding day flowed together until Des and Dan helped me figure out the best ways to fit everything we wanted!” -E+M

What season to plan your Montana destination wedding

Summer Montana Destination Weddings

Our obvious answer–summer!  But you should know summer weddings in Montana have a short window!  Summer in Montana is typically considered from late July through early September giving you roughly 6 weeks for that pristine Montana destination wedding weather.  The temps feel great, the sun is usually shining, and the winter blizzards are long gone.  However, summer can come with wildfire smoke, so you’ll need to be flexible on your expectations of views should smoke obstruct your views.  Summer is also the most reliable time of year to have ease of access in travel and catching some trails.  By August even the highest elevation trails will likely be opened up so you can enjoy Montana’s wildest adventures after your wedding.  You’ll see wildflowers, wildlife, and wild night life during summer!

Summer is most popular for Montana destination weddings.  Thus you’ll need to plan ahead to get the venue and vendors of your dreams.  Demand is incredibly high, so let’s start working together quickly to get those big vendors and your date nailed down quickly.

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Fall Montana Destination Weddings

Summer is a heavy hitter for Montana destination weddings, but fall comes in at a close second.  Personally, fall is our favorite season to host your Montana destination wedding for a few reasons.  First of all, the weather feels crisp and most smoke has dissipated.  The weather can become moody (which we’re big fans of) if rain and clouds move through.  The weather is usually not so dicey that you won’t have access to Montana outdoor activities, and crowding is down making those experiences more enjoyable for all parties.

Fall colors begin to pop in some regions of Montana as early as mid-September at high elevations.  Mid to late October is the safest bet when hoping for abundant fall colors during your Montana destination wedding.  Plus, who doesn’t need an adventure in the fall to hold them over until the holiday season?  We always fill our fall dates first as we encourage our Montana destination wedding couples to take advantage of the potential for semi-moody weather and rich Montana colors!

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Winter Montana Destination Weddings

Montana destination weddings in the winter is for serious snow-bunnies.  Your winter wonderland wedding in Montana should be held at a destination eeeeerily close to their airport so you and your guests will have the best opportunity to live out your wedding dreams in the event of extreme wintry weather.  A lot of couples find the weather risk is welcome considering the potential for snow covered mountains as a backdrop for their Montana destination wedding week.  The potential for snuggling by the fire, skiing, and wildlife viewing is at an all time high during this season for couples brave enough.

When it comes to choosing a winter Montana destination wedding, your vendor options will be paired down as a lot of venues are closed and vendors needing to travel will be hesitant to book.  Plan on a simpler affair perhaps at an in-house venue that can accommodate all of your needs.  Our favorite winter wedding destination is Paradise Valley as you can typically easily explore this region with quick access to Yellowstone National Park.


Spring Montana Destination Weddings

When you envision Spring… what do you see?  Well in Montana you shold envision water.  So. Much. Water.  This is Montana’s rainy season, and the snow ismelting at the same time.  If your idea of a Montana destination wedding involves some dicey showers and flowing waterfalls, you’ll be in good shape during the Spring.

Spring is our least booked season for Montana destination weddings for this reason.  Most couples choosing this season understand the risk of mud and rain.  But hey!  That’s not to say it hasn’t been done and been done beautifully!  You should choose as late in the Spring as possible if this is your hope for your wedding.


For real this time

About our photography service:

“Des and Dan were amazing and very personable. From our very first consultation call, I knew we had made the right choice on our elopement photographer. They were extremely helpful in all the planning and it was clear they were no amateurs! They were super accommodating and managed to work in everything that we wanted in our special day.” -R+R

How much does a Montana destination wedding cost?

It’s no shock to say the cost of Montana destination weddings may vary.  However let’s hop to some ranges in pricing so you can start to plan your budget!

  • Venues: $4000-$45,000
  • Photographers: $8000-$15,000
  • Planners and Coordinators: $2000-$15,000
  • Floral Designers: $1000-$20,000
  • Hair and Makeup Artists: $750-$4000
  • Caterers and Private Chefs: $100-400 per guest
So let’s do some math!  An intimate Montana destination wedding with a few guests can begin around $17,000.  A larger Montana destination involving housing large amounts of guests can cost around $90,000.  And before that number gets scary… let’s get some perspective.  The average traditional wedding in a metropolitan area involving a stuffy venue, less than amazing dinner, no housing for guests, and no adventure for you and your party can easily cost $200,000.  For less than half of that cost your Montana destination wedding has the potential to provide exponentially more satisfaction and warm fuzzies for all parties involved.

Let’s hit those Montana Destination wedding FAQ’s

What is the easiest way to travel into Montana?

Since it’s your Montana destination wedding you’ll likely need to fly in.  Bozeman and Kalispell are our favorite airports, but Great Falls and Missoula are great options when looking for cheaper fares and more reliable car rentals.

What should my timeline look like?

A Montana destination wedding honestly deserves a few days of celebration!  We encourage couples to book with us for a minimum of two days: 1 day for your ceremony + guests day and 1 day to explore Montana to all of our favorite local gem locations for those larger than life photos and adventures.

Who pays for what?

This is a great question and honestly only once you can answer.  Some Montana destination wedding couples foot the bill for their entire party’s lodging, flights, etc. while other couples simply send along the invite and cover the cost of the venue and reception meal.  It’s truly up to you both!

Do we need a local officiant?

You can certainly hire one, but you can also have someone from your guest list officiate!  Montana is one of the easiest states to get married in, and their marriage laws make it so that (almost) anyone can officiate your Montana destination wedding.

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