A Summer Livingston Montana Wedding


Katie & TJ’s Livingston, Montana Wedding

As Kalispell Montana Photographers we get to see a lot of gorgeous wedding days!  This Copper Rose Ranch wedding was extra gorgeous and incredibly unique as it lasted two full days!

Ya see, Katie & TJ came all the way from Kentucky to get married in Paradise Valley, Montana.  Katie and TJ chose their wedding to be held at the Copper Rose Ranch after visiting Yellowstone National Park one winter.  After their wintry adventure full of traipsing in snow, dog sledding, and snuggly shuttles in and out of the park, Katie and TJ knew getting married in Montana was exactly what they wanted, and this was the perfect spot for it!

Katie and TJ searched for weeks to find the perfect wedding venue in Montana that had unprecedented mountain views and room for their guests.  After chatting it through with us for weeks, Katie and TJ determined a wedding at Copper Rose Ranch would exceed every last one of their expectations.

Katie, TJ, Dan & I started planning this wedding alongside Events by Killian a year out hoping for the perfect Montana wedding day.  They wanted the perfect day that would allow them to really slow down and enjoy spending time with their guests.  However, they also wanted a day dedicated to exploring with just them seeing the biggest landscapes Montana has to offer.  That lead to Katie and TJ choosing to have two days with us!  The other day we went up to Glacier National Park, but more on that later!

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When Getting Ready Gets Wild

Katie and TJ opted to get ready separately with all of their loved ones and guests.  Katie got ready in the farmhouse at Copper Rose Ranch while TJ got ready at the grizzly cabin.  Katie and TJ’s day was full of incredibly intentional details: gorgeous florals, a hummingbird necklace in honor of Katie’s grandmother, and new custom boots for both of them.  They were considering reading letters to each other instead of a first look for a long time, but Katie and TJ decided to write their own vows 2 days before their Copper Rose Ranch wedding!  A unique detail was that Katie’s mom took their handwritten vows and copied them into their vow books so everyone’s writing would be legible!  Katie and TJ signed their vows just to keep it legit. 😉  TJ and all his groomsmen also had custom cuff links with each one having a unique Montana animal.  The details of Katie and TJ’s Copper Rose Ranch wedding were immaculate and innumerable.  We absolutely loved how Katie and TJ built time in their day to celebrate with their parties beforehand so the nerves went flying away!

But how did things get wild you ask?  Shots everywhere!  Once everyone was dressed and ready to go both parties made sure to get some shots (tequila for the girls and whiskey for the guys) to keep the energy high!  And let me tell you the energy STAYED high.

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The Ceremony: Exchanging Vows Among Giants

Katie and TJ decided to see each other for the first time during the ceremony!  As everyone gathered to get ready for the ceremony Katie and TJ were mere feet from one another separated by a gorgeous stone wall.  Katie was walked down the aisle by one of her dad’s while her other dad officiated the entire ceremony.  Katie and TJ’s Copper Rose Ranch wedding ceremony was held against the backdrop of giant mountains that Paradise Valley is known for.  Somehow… they couldn’t stop peering at each other.

Katie and TJ’s Copper Rose Ranch wedding ceremony was full of laughter, genuine words, and the occasional tear.  Their small group of guests watched Katie and TJ as they committed to one another using those beautifully penned vows including stories of how they met and how they knew the other person was who would make them a better person the rest of their lives.

That Delectable Dinner and Raging After Party

Honestly… Katie and TJ’s Copper Rose Ranch wedding felt like a party all day.  Little did we know the party would turn up exponentially!  Katie and TJ invited their guests into the Copper Rose Ranch’s barn for a gorgeously curated and incredibly delicious dinner.  After everyone took their shots dinner started, and the night kept going.

Katie and TJ kept some traditional elements in their Copper Rose Ranch wedding like cake cutting and first dances.  Some more fun traditional wedding ideas they kept: DANCE DANCE DANCE!  We loved how they made their destination exactly what they wanted no matter where the tradition came from.

They did decide, however, to keep one reception element private.  Katie & TJ wanted to keep the pulling off of her garter private.  We headed off into the night to find the perfect dreamy spot for them, put on some cool lights, and let them make out a bit in the meantime. 😀

Most unique finale to a wedding ever!  And the perfect way to finish their day to reflect them.

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Who made this Livingston, Montana wedding possible?


Venue & Bar | Copper Rose Ranch

Planner | Events by Killian

Hair and Makeup | Ethereal Hair & Makeup

Florals | Florally

Catering | Faye’s Catering

Rentals | Montana Party Rentals

Videography | Livemore Weddings

Dress | Reformation

Cake | Cakes by Laura Newhouse

Custom Boots | Planet Cowboy

Dresses | Couture Closet & Revelry

Tan | Beyond Beauty Studio

Bridal Hat | Beyond the Canvas by Yaya

Photography | Destinie Fouche Photography

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