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introducing you to your artful, meaningful, and creative Mississippi wedding experience.

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Hey there!  We’re Mississippi wedding photographers with a purpose.


Our purpose is to support you & your dream for your Mississippi wedding to be different.


Imagine creating a Mississippi wedding experience full of the things you truly care about.

Meaningful relationships.

Attention to detail.

And a wedding that looks and feels authentically you.

Elevate your Mississippi wedding

with your unique touch.


Say goodbye to orange barn venues, mason jars, and all the Mississippi wedding trends that have been overdone.  Create your Mississippi wedding full of authenticity and uniqueness with us–your Mississippi wedding photographers.

We’re Des & Dan:

Mississippi wedding photographers who get it.


You’ve always been a little different (and that’s an ah-mazing thing!). You’re pumped about a few meaningful relationships, and you love adventure. Ya know, the kind of adventure that makes you feel alive and free from the day-to-day.

But, what does that have to do with your wedding day?

Hint… everything, beebs.


For you, there’s no sacrificing on details.  There’s no ceiling on creativity.  And you’re seeking posh Mississippi.

Believe it or not–you can bring all of these things about you to life in your wedding.  Cookie-cutter is not the way.

We’re offering a better way to experience your Mississippi wedding and a better experience to remember the rest of your lives.

Hiking wedding photographers

How do we support you along the way?

Ensuring customization in every step of your wedding experience


Here’s a peek into the customization that comes with every photography package:


An easy, peasy quick call to book your package


Unlimited in depth personalized phone consultations to understand your unique wedding vision


Sending over some quick locations from IG for your engagement photos


A customized engagement photo location guide so your engagement photos reflect your relationship’s authenticity


An okay photographer showing up on time for your wedding to do what’s required


Two award-winning wedding photographers showing up early to your wedding to ensure your artful wedding is photographed with creativity and intention


A ho-hum wedding gallery getting all the essential photos


Your curated gallery full of details, in between moments, artful compositions, and a unique spin on those essential photos

Speaking of packages

here are the service pillars that make them possible

  1. Client education
  2. Creativity
  3. Client relationship
  4. Customization
  5. Client service

With these 5 pillars in place we hope to inform, support, and engage couples to create

your perfect wedding experience.


You can trust your wedding experience will be curated, tailored, and inspired from our first phone call until you are reliving your day through your gallery for decades to comes.

A quick word

About our photography service:

“Des and Dan were amazing and very personable. From our very first consultation call, I knew we had made the right choice on our wedding photographer. They were extremely helpful in all the planning and it was clear they were no amateurs! They were super accommodating and managed to work in everything that we wanted in our special day.” -R+R

Here’s a sad lil secret. :/

Dan & I had a Mississippi wedding…

And we look back on those photos with regret.

But you don’t have to.


When Dan & I got engaged we began wedding planning with a couple of wedding agendas:

  1. Make economical choices
  2. Please everyone else

We had that economical church wedding that made everyone else happy from the venue to food to color palette to timeline, you name it.

And sadly–we’re disgusted by those photos.


We’ve since learned so much of life is about honoring what you really want with minimal input from others even when it comes to your wedding day.

Your wedding day is too precious to skimp out on.

The memories you’ll have can only be created once…

So don’t look back on them with sadness and regret like we do.

Here’s what we would redo if we could:

  1. Brainstorm what wedding day priorities were important to us
  2. Hire vendors that are experienced, ensure a bangin’ client relationship, and work tirelessly to see our wedding day executed to our vision
  3. Throw the celebration at a venue that inspired us alongside only the guests we truly wanted present



Here’s how the Des & Dan experience

Plays out for real engaged folks like you:


When I came across Des on the hunt for our photographer, it was like a dream come true. She impressed me off the bat with the amount of professionalism, information and transparency she provides through her website before you even hire them. Not only are Des and Dan skilled in photography, but they also offer packages that assist in planning, vendors, timelines, and wedding check lists. Having someone in your arsenal that serves a major purpose AND has endless knowledge of your event is priceless.
We were blown away by our final gallery. Obsession isn’t a strong enough word. Everything we told Des I wanted out of our pictures, we got ten-fold.

-Bri & Michael


Do we offer one-size-fits-all packages?

Ya know, the kind with set hours, minimal contact, and standard captures

That’s a *beep* no, & here’s why:

We believe your wedding day is too precious for you to shove into a standard timeline.

We believe your wedding day should reflect you… not reflect what bouquet, venue, or food is the cheapest.

We believe your wedding day deserves the curated and intentional touch that only you can bring.

We believe your wedding day–from start to finish-should feel familiar, comfy, and out of this world exciting.

We believe your wedding day should not be a source of regret because of a compromise that didn’t feel like you.

We believe your wedding day deserves the luxury of vendors you choose and a team working to customize your experience for the entire experience.

You have a lingering q:

How can this experience be yours?

Here’s what we offer you as your Mississippi Wedding Photographers:


→ Mississippi wedding photographers experienced in wedding planning & photography

→ Unlimited planning consultations so you can be at ease while we co-create your wedding day

→ Wedding timeline assistance and inspiration

→ Prioritization of your values and creativity in your wedding day

→ Peaceful environment in which to plan, adventure, and wed your boo

→ Unlimited communication with your vendor team to ensure everyone is on the same page

→ Complimentary venue walk through with you should you choose to want one


→ Our undying love and support 🙂

Check this cool shiz out.

Here’s what Mississippi wedding folks are saying about hiring us:


eloping couple's silhouette

Honestly, Dalton and I were terrified of having our photos taken at first, but Destinie made us feel so comfortable and prepared for our day. She has a heart of gold that shines through her delightful and delicate thoughtfulness. She reminds me a lot of the mountains, her roots are planted deep, she is not easily shaken by the winds and changes of the world. That day she was not just our photographer, but she was a dear encourager and friend. She has such a beautiful heart that really listens to those she’s around, which allows her to capture the little, but powerful moments. I could go on for days about this lovely soul, but if you are in need of not just a photographer, but someone who can capture the very heartbeat of a relationship she’s your human.


-Grace & Dalton

Here’s how we’re truly different:

because you deserve to hear more than we like coffee and love jesus

  1. We believe your wedding gallery should reflect who you are–we have no hidden agendas.  We’re strictly here to ensure your wedding makes you feel alive and catered to.
  2. We believe your family is who you say it is.  So we’re game to photograph your wedding big or small as long as the guest list is authentic to who makes you feel cozy.
  3. We believe life is about more than what’s seen on the outside.  And your gallery should reflect how your wedding day makes you feel.

Do you have Mississippi wedding photographer FAQ’s?

Let’s answer them.


How many hours do you need for Mississippi wedding photography?

Of course, each wedding day should be different so needs will vary!  However, we’d recommend 10 hours as a starting point to ensure there’s adequate time to avoid stress and ensure you can truly experience your wedding day with joy!  No rushing, just a blast committing yourselves to one another.

What dates do we have available?

Fun fact: we RV full time!  And as such we spend our summers photographing elopements in Montana.  October through May (and sometimes June) we are available for Mississippi weddings as we base ourselves in Starkville.

How many photos can you expect from us as your Mississippi wedding photographers?

We take a documentary approach generally.  Then if we need to step in to create a moment artfully we will!  This means a 10 hour wedding gallery will range from 400-600 photos that tell the authentic story of your day with gorgeously curated moments sprinkled in.

When will you receive your gallery?

We get our Mississippi wedding couples sneak peeks into their curated gallery in as little as 3 days!  You can expect photos from each section of the day so you can share the story of your day ASAP!  Then we work to curate the entirety of the gallery and it delivered to you within 8 weeks of your wedding date.

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