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it’s getting real!

Here’s what’s next, my dudes.

Your elopement day is getting closer as you read, and we super appreciate you inquiring with us!! We will be in contact in the next 24 hours (unless we are hopping around at a national park capturing an elopement :)), and we are PUMPED to start chatting with you.

Here’s a peek

into what every one of our elopement packages include.

In every elopement package you’ll find all this goodness in addition to the stellar photography:


Elopement Brainstorming Master Guide

Our 20 page PDF giving you the skinny on 4 foundational questions you must answer when planning your elopement.  This will help you dream big and give you the practical tools to execute the dream. (Psst, once you book your initial call you’ll get that baby fo free!)


Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide

Our massive web page including steps 1-10 of how to plan your elopement with relevant links, advice from previous couples, and actionable steps so you can know you’re on the right track.


Personalized Elopement Location Guide

After getting results from our comprehensive questionnaire we’ll send ya, we get to work crafting a location guide so you get to choose exactly where you’ll exchange vows, adventure, and do big hangs.  It’s packed with photos, logistics, and hot tips on each location that only a local would know.


Exhaustive Vendor Guide

This resource is 30+ pages of vendors we love and trust working in your elopement location.  It’s not just the cookie-cutter vendors either.  Need a tattoo artist?  In there.  A hot air balloon pilot?  In there.  And if you find something else you need… oh friend are we going to add it!


Leave No Trace Elopement Handbook

You’ll need a little help navigating how to get married ethically in the Great Outdoors as each location differs in how best to preserve it.  This handbook will walk you through best practices based on your location so you can visit your ceremony location in 100+ years, and it will still look the same. 🙂


Final Elopement Checklist

Who hasn’t forgotten something running out the door?  So we send a final checklist right before you travel to be sure you’ve got everything prepped for the day and packed for the ride–not to mention we need reminders on tiny items… like maybe even a wedding ring reminder? 


Lodging Wishlists

Lodging can be competitive, especially when looking for lodging that is convenient to your location and looks beautiful to photograph.  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite large homes for folks with guests and cozier spots in case you want to just snuggle more privately.  You don’t have to do all the scrolling as we’ve got lodging included in all ranges of budgets and good commute times.


Guest Travel Guide

If you’re bringing guests along, they’re probably already asking, “What hike should we do? Where’s the best spot to eat? How do I get to my rental car?”  We truly want you to be stress free so we’re creating a new resource that will give you travel tips and even 3 and 5 day itineraries so you can share what the locals know to be true.  We ask you to share with your guests to ease the travel stress and give everyone a great trip experience in addition to enjoying your wedding experience alongside you. *subject to location availability

We can keep going on what’s included, but don’t forget to

Elopement Packages

that serve your specific needs and authentic experience.


For fun, here’s some more of what’s included in every elopement package:


Unlimited Planning Consults –

Whether you’re planning over the span of a year or down to a few weeks, we want you to know we’ve got your back with these resources as well as with our time!  You are welcome to email questions at any time and expect a response within 48 business hours.  If you have a short question, feel free to text and expect a response when we’re clocked into work.  We also open our calendar every. single. Sunday. for folks to book zoom calls with us for any face to face planning you may need help with (plus we love a good double date night to get to know each other even better!).


Timeline Assistance –

On our initial call we’ll work to put together a rough draft of what your day could be.  Then we’ll fine tune this moving forward through a fun collaborative process that puts you in control of your elopement experience while taking into consideration all of our years of experience and expertise.  You have never planned an elopement before.  We’ve planned dozens upon dozens.


Gallery Print Credit –

When you pay ~$10k for elopement photos, they deserve to be printed and plastered all over your home. 🙂  We’ll give you a print credit to be utilized at a reputable online print lab so you can get high quality photos directly from your gallery that will show up at your door step.


Our undying love & support – 

If you’ve read even one of the reviews our loving couples have left you’ve seen proof we offer something not quite so tangible in our elopement packages.  Friendship.  Support.  And lifelong adventure pals.  This means we’ll be gassing you (and your marriage) up for decades to come.  When we come through your town, we’ll be asking to grab dinner and drinks or catch a good hike!  We’re down for this ride wherever our relationship takes us. <3

 But in the mean time…

We’d love for you to check out our planning blog. You’ll find new articles each week, but feel free to parooze what’s already happening! And comment and let us know what planning blog you’d like to see next. Check these out!


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