What to do after Eloping | 20+ Elopement Celebration Ideas


What to do After Eloping

Elopement Celebration Ideas for just you two or friends and family!

YES!!!  You’ve considered eloping and now wondering what to do after eloping!  It’s a natural question!  Most couples did not know eloping was an option so now they want to be positive they make the right decision in choosing what to do after eloping to keep things meaningful and purposeful!  You want it to be special, reflect you both, and maybe bring in some guests to help you celebrate too.  We’ll cover all those ideas on what to do after eloping as well as some insider tips we’ve learned as Kalispell Montana Photographers while guiding couples on how to elope all over the US and helping other couples determine the best route on what to do after eloping!

Here you’ll find ideas for what to do after eloping for just you two, what to do after eloping to celebrate with friends and family, and what to do after eloping to announce your wedding in case you kept it a surprise!

No matter your situation we’ll help you find the best (and creative) thing to do after eloping that honors your relationship and needs, so let’s get going!

What to do after eloping | Celebrate with only those you want to celebrate with!

Your celebration doesn’t have to become another big wedding reception.  It should be exactly how you would want to celebrate with folks on a Friday night.  There is often added pressure from others on what to do after eloping to include a big venue, party, catering, the whole sha-bang.  Truthfully, it is not worth your time to choose what to do after eloping because you feel pressure from society.  Celebrate how and with whom you truly want.

You might be eloping because you value deep relationships, cost-efficiency, or (tbh) all around chill vibes.  Keep those values central when you dream up ideas on what to do after eloping as well.

Whatever you decide on what to do after eloping, be sure it is 100% authentically you.

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What to do after eloping for just you two:

Celebrate your elopement in a way that’s authentically you.

If you are choosing a “just-us” elopement experience, you still deserve an elopement celebration!!  I mean, your whole day will feel like a celebration… Because your elopement day will be catered to be full of the things you truly enjoy.  However, just because the ceremony has happened doesn’t mean the party needs to stop.

We love helping couples find the best option for what to do after eloping that is so perfectly them!  For example, if you elope in Oregon on the coast and you have super special memories of flying kites at the beach with your family every summer, it might mean bringing kites as an option of what to do after eloping.  If you love lagers, what to do after eloping may involve hopping some breweries at a nearby town!  Each of the Best Places to Elope in the US will have unique things to do after eloping that will fit you both.  Whatever you both naturally love doing can be turned into a celebration for just you two after eloping.

There is also the option of choosing what to do after eloping as modeled by a wedding reception.  You can keep some of the traditions and put a twist on them.  Some examples would be your first dance, shoving cake in each other’s faces, or jumping the broom you’ve hiked up the mountain for your elopement!  This is a great way to involve some traditions in your wedding day too!

Here’s what to do after eloping for just you two:

  • celebrate with your favorite drink (maybe some sparkling water)
  • get matching tattoos
  • go on an epic adventure like hiking or sky-diving
  • hop breweries
  • have a first dance
  • eat your favorite food in a fun places (i.e. pizza on a mountain top, amirite?)
  • facetime your famjam
  • break out the guitar and sing your favorite song together
  • scream as loud as you can
  • write down your feelings in a safe place

What to do after eloping to celebrate with friends and family:

Celebrate your elopement with them virtually or in person.

If you are having guests at your elopement they will no doubt want to help you celebrate when the day is done.  A lot of families choose to eat a meal together and is the perfect option for what to do after eloping to include your guests!  For example, when our couples choose a Glacier National Park Elopement with family they typically head over to Whitefish for a celebratory meal and wine.

If you elope at the Best Places to Elope in California, a wine tasting can for sure be in order for you and your guests!

If you are a little more adventurous, what to do after eloping could be keeping them active in the outdoors as an eloping reception!  Maybe a group picnic and kayaking date for the whole family is what you should do after eloping.  

Those are obviously in-person celebrations if you brought your guests along, but if you didn’t bring any and want to celebrate with them later having an elopement reception may be a great idea!

You can do this in person or virtually!  A lot of eloping couples may have family scattered all across the country making an in-person celebration difficult.  If this is the case for you, you may choose to have a zoom party as what to do after eloping!  You can include your friends and family from all over, display your elopement photos (that we took, no doubt ;)), and oooo and awe over your wedding day!  This way you can have a lot of the same traditions like toasts or dances, but keep everyone at home to celebrate with you.

Here’s what to do after eloping for friends and family:

  • have an elopement reception/celebration in-person
  • have an elopement reception/celebration virtually
  • plan a group adventure
  • have a bonfire with them
  • facetime them
  • let them throw you a party
  • go out to dinner with a few small groups


What to do after eloping to announce your marriage:

Find a unique way to announce your elopement that is meaningful to you.

A lot of couples elope with either just them or with a few meaningful guests.  If so, maybe they need that official “we eloped” announcement!  

You may want to send elopement announcement cards just like you would a wedding invite!  We think this is a great way to make a big crowd of folks feel included when considering what to do after eloping.  Be sure you plan ahead for this and get the perfect picture from your photographer for your card!  You may want to be strategic and have a sign ready for the announcement pic and your photographer can get it to you ASAP for your announcement.

Check out our favorite elopement announcements from Fine Day Press!

Another option for what to do after eloping is taking your elopement announcement live.  You may want to hint every day for a week that you’ll be live on Instagram or Facebook at such and such time with a big announcement.  Odds are your friends are always down for gossip and would love to catch a live where you announce your elopement!  This is a fun thing to do after eloping because you will get some VERY shocked responses, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser.

What to do after eloping:  Do everything on your terms.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.  Make sure each part of your elopement is stitched with meaning and intention.  This means you’ll value the same things when deciding what to do after eloping.  Only you truly know what is most important and honoring to your relationship, so let me remind you that this is a safe space where you can celebrate how and with whomever you want.  

Choose your favorite spot, activity, clothes, food and drink, you name it, to celebrate.  I can guarantee that it will be life-changing!

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